A bomb went off TA outside the premises of the Amenabar construction company in Zarauz, Guipuzcoa province at 2.30 Sunday morning, following a warning phone call from someone speaking on behalf of the Basque terrorist group ETA an hour earlier. Two policemen and another men were slightly injured. Police said the low-powered device only damaged the façade and entrance to the building, although some windows were blown in as far as 50 metres away. It was the first ETA attack since French police arrested the man said to be the group’s “number one”, known as Thierry, along with three other activists in Bordeaux on May 20th. The Amenabar company is taking part in the project to extend the national high speed train network, AVE, to the Basque region. The AVE is one of ETA’s preferred targets. Meanwhile, police in Venezuela are investigating links between ETA and the Colombian narco-terrorist group, Farc, after receiving reports of the presence of ETA activists from NGOs working in the jungle in the border areas between the two countries. A Spanish daily paper reported last week that the Venezuelan police suspect joint training sessions with arms and explosives have been held in the area.


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