One of Spain’s most prominent mountaineers, Iñaki Ochoa de Olza, died 7,400 metres up the Annapurna mountain, also known as the Cursed Mountain, last Friday, after spending five nights there suffering from a brain injury. He was 41. He was accompanied by the Swiss mountaineer, Ueli Steck, who tried to attend to his injuries following advice radioed from doctors in Ochoa’s native Pamplona. Iñaki was attempting to join the select group of mountaineers who have climbed the 14 peaks on the planet which are more than 8,000 metres. He needed only two to complete the circuit, one of them being Annapurna. His family said they were grateful that he had not died alone and announced they would leave his body where it was so as not to endanger the lives of rescuers. They also said it was fitting burial place for a man who had loved mountains so much.


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