Thanks to closer collaboration between the British and the Spanish police, eight British fugitives from justice have been arrested on the Costa del Sol over the past 18 months, according to Rob Wainwright, the International Deputy Director of the British Agency for Serious Organised Crime, SOCA. Mr Wainright told a press conference last Thursday that the level of cooperation between the two police forces had resulted in “the most productive period in generations”. SOCA, London’s Metropolitan Police and the Spanish National Police joined forces in the new scheme in 2006. Mr Wainright said those arrested, who were generally living a life of luxury on the Costa del Sol, included Paul Bures, wanted for sexual crimes, John Seton, who is accused of murder, and James Hurley, who killed a policeman when escaping custody in 1994. He said that the so-called “Operación Captura” showed how important collaboration between countries is in catching criminals in this globalised world. He also praised the European Arrest Warrants, which he said had speeded up procedures between EU countries considerably.


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