Agents of the National Police’s Technological Investigation Brigade have arrested five hackers, two of them brothers, who they described as being among the most active on the Internet. They had penetrated some 21,000 websites – 800 of them in one day alone – and were known as D.O.M Team 2008, ranked as the 5th most active in the world by “Zone-H”, a web page that maintains a data base on hacking. All five were described as students, and two were under 16. The police said that, apart from the two brothers, they did not know each personally but used the Internet to coordinate their actions, which included hacking their way into Venezuela’s national telephone company, Jazztel where they post a notice saying F**k Bush, a NASA website and other government sites in the US, Latin America and Asia. The arrests were made in Malaga, Barcelona, Burgos and Valencia and 20 computers were seized. The investigation began at the beginning of March, when a server supplier reported to the police that 15 of its web pages, including the one belonging to the political party, Izquierda Unida (IU, United Left), had been attacked. Just a few days before the general election, the hackers posted a photo of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero shaking hands with opposition leader Mariano Rajoy on the IU site, with the caption: We have something in common, said a prime minister to a liar. The group advertised themselves as a laboratory team researching security on the Internet and one of the youths had published articles on hacking techniques in internationally known forums on security. Many hackers claim their actions contribute to tightening security on the Internet, although they frequently cause huge economic damage. Ironically, the youths were arrested last Saturday – International Internet Day here in Spain, which is dedicated to promoting the importance of information and communication technologies in a global society. All five have been released on bail with charges and face prison sentences of between one to three years.


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