The 2007 report by Malaga province’s Drug-dependency Centre (CPD) shows that the use of cocaine by young people on the Costa del Sol is increasing in an alarming rate according to a new report. CPD director Francisco Luque told a press conference last week that the average age of consumers is now between 25 and 30, and the number of middle class addicts who use the drug at weekends but go to work normally during the week is also on the increase. Sr Luqie said 246 new addicts were registered last year, up 24% on 2006. He warned that many people were spending a great deal of money on the drug. As a result, they ended up isolating themselves for normal social activities in their lives, and eventually generated problems in society. Sr Luque said the rehabilitation process usually took six to eight months and was generally successful if social and labour conditions are favourable. Meanwhile, the police busted a gang of drug traffickers in Campillos, who were moving cocaine dissolved in bottles of white wine. They seized two bottles of wine containing a kilo of the drug from a shipment which had been brought in from Mendoza in Argentina and distributed along the Malaga coast. Two Spaniards and two Colombians were arrested.


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