Three people were killed when a stolen 4×4 crashed head-on into a car on the coastal road between Mazagón and Palos de la Frontera in Huelva province last Thursday night. The car’s driver and his woman passenger were killed instantly as was a passing cyclist, who was hit by the car. The woman passenger was a Romanian who had been working in the local strawberry fields. She had gone shopping in Palos de la Frontera after leaving work and had hitched a ride to the rural lodgings she shared with other strawberry pickers. The driver was from Punta Umbria. The woman had been in the car less than five minutes when the accident happened. Police arrested two of the men in the stolen 4×4 shortly after the accident and picked up the third man, an African, early Friday morning. The Guardia had spotted the men robbing the 4×4 in the town and had given chase. Two of the men were injured in the accident but the African managed to escape on foot.


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