Eurovision Song Contest 1968 winner, Massiel, has denied that bribes were made by the Franco government to ensure the victory of the song La, la, la. Speaking on the Antena Tres programme Dónde estás corazón? (Where are you, heart) last Friday, the artist said the song won on merit alone and for no other reason. A TV documentary aired on the Sexta channel last week about the events of May 1968 claimed Franco ordered the national television company to make deals in several European countries to encourage their jurors to vote for the song. Nothing was ever received for the money paid out. Massiel said it was dreadful that people wanted to insult her forty years on, and said she certainly did not consider herself to be one of “Franco’s Divas”. She repeated her belief that the whole controversy, which resulted in Cliff Richard’s Congratulations coming in second, is part of a “marketing campaign” organised to promote this year’s Spanish entry, Rodolfo Chikilicuatre, who has close links with the Sexta TV channel.


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