Former GIL party councillors in Marbella who have been charged with corruption or some irregularity regarding town planning permissions in the town have been offered a deal by the Prosecutor’s Office. Under the deal, former mayors Julian Muñoz and Marisol Yagüe would serve between six months and a year in prison for each crime they are found guilty of, without having to appear in court, as well as a ten year ban on holding public office. This deal only applies to those who are charged with granting building licences in Marbella which were outside the Urban Plan, and other associated irregularities such as bribery, misuse of public funds and the illegal collection of monies, among others. If the former GIL councillors do not accept the deal they will face sentences of between six months to two years in jail prison for each charge they are found guilty of. A spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office the measure will save a great deal of human and material resources because more than 60 outstanding cases will not have to be dealt with in court. The downside for the accused is that if they accept the deal, they will be admitting their guilt.


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