When Alberto Villalobos of Malaga heard that Fiat had challenged Spaniards to assemble the 13,000 cucumbers or turkeys in 24 hours to win a Fiat Grande Punto car, he got onto the phone immediately and started to call companies, many of them in El Ejido, the famous agricultural zone of Almería. Most of the people he called thought he was joking, not least because cucumbers are not in season. Despite that, last Tuesday morning he rolled up in his van, loaded with the 13,000 cucumbers at the Fiat dealership in Málaga. Fiat’s marketing director in Spain, Renato del Bino, said the objective of the campaign was to connect with “a younger public”. It made both Fiat and Alberto happy. The company got a lot of free publicity and Alberto got a new car very cheaply – he only paid 1,800 euros for the cucumbers.


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