The notorious drugs baron, Mohamed Ouazzani , alias El Nene (The Baby), who escaped from a Moroccan jail last December, was recaptured in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta last Thursday. Ouazzani built up a huge fortune, having started dealing drugs at a very young age. He was jailed for eight years in 2004 for drug trafficking and was able to buy himself a comfortable lifestyle in jail, where he had three rooms with a plasma television, internet access and air-conditioning. He occasionally left jail to visit local restaurants and bars. El Nene, 32, liked to boast he had more millions in the bank than years alive. Last December he decided not to go back to jail after one of his nights out. This month the same prison, Kenitra, was back in the headlines after nine Islamist prisoners dug a tunnel and also got away. The Spanish authorities had previously failed in several attempts to seize him, despite using helicopters and high-speed boats. Meanwhile, records have shown El Nene – who has both Moroccan and Spanish nationality – renewed his Spanish DNI in Malaga just a few days after he escaped from Morocco, which escaped the notice of the Spanish police because he was not wanted here.


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