Socialist councillors at Cómpeta’s town hall are considering denouncing Mayor José Luis Torres, who belongs to the Partido Popular. They said Sr Torres, the town’s former priest, knocked down a market to make way for a better view of the front of the village church. They said the old “mercado de abastos” was of great sentimental value to the villagers, and that the Mayor had acted arbitrarily, on orders from the bishop. Socialist spokesman José Moyano said the mayor was not born in Cómpeta, and had “no idea of the feelings of those of us who spent our childhood here”. He also pointed out that one of the mayor’s election promises was to build a home for pensioners on the old market site “respecting its structure”. Sr Torres said he is safeguarding the history of the village, because before there was just an alley in front of the church. He said the market was in ruins and was no more than 40 years old anyway. Sr Torres won an overall majority when he turned in his dog collar and ran for mayor at the last election.


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