It looks as if the casino complex planned for the Los Monegros desert in Aragon province won’t go ahead after all. The Aragon regional government announced a plan last year to build the second biggest casino complex in the world in a part of the province which has been described as the most arid area in Spain. The announcement was greeted with screams of anger from ecologists, neighbours associations, trade union and even the Catholic charity Cárita but what really knocked the project on the head was a suspicion that the group of foreign investors didn’t really have any money to invest. One of the complex’s promoters, the ILD company, was registered in Cardiff on July 17th last year with a paid-up capital of £50,000, the minimum required by British law. Two other promoters, Spyland and Aquática, set up a company in Reno in the States in September last year with a capital of 950 euros – a far cry from the 17 billion euros estimated as necessary to turn a desert into a glorified betting shop.


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