In response to the news that Juan Antonio Roca may reclaim his job as Municipal Town Planning Adviser, some 2,000 residents took to the streets of Marbella last Thursday night to protest his release from jail on bail of one million euros. Carrying placards that read: “Marbella no te quiere” (Marbella doesn’t want you). They said the bail was an “insult because thanks to him, we’re suffering calamities every day”. They also asked for a restraining order against him, because he had “mistreated” the town. Failing that, they want him to go into “voluntary exile”. Better still, they said, he should be sent back to jail. Some observers are beginning to suspect that the judge handling the Malaya case, Oscar Pérez, may have set a trap for Roca. He has now asked the Malaga Police’s money laundering unit to find out where the million euros came from. He particularly wants to know if those who contributed to the sum can legally justify its origin. Roca’s assets have been frozen as part of the case and it took his family 17 days to raise the bail money. Meanwhile Roca told the ABC newspaper that he has been offered “many millions” to give names in the Malaya case. He said he had not accepted the offer. He repeated his claim that manhy peoñple have told lies about him and he said was especially upset by the way the police acted when they arrested his daughter at the doors of her college. He said: “I think that was cruel. She is a young student and has done nothing bad. The police did not act correctly.” He continued to proclaim his innocence.


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