On the eve of his first weekend pass from prison, former Marbella Mayor, Julián Muñoz, was sentenced to another year in prison in the Proinsa case, after being found guilty of awarding illegal building licences to the company. Similar sentences were handed down to the other former Marbella, Manuel Calle, Dolores Zurdo and Marisa Alcalá. Muñoz was also ordered to pay a 7,200 euro fine and has been banned from holding public office for eight years. The others charged in the case – Rafael González, Tomás Reñones, Javier Lendínez, José Luis Troyano and José Luis Fernández Garrosa – were sentenced to nine months in prison or the payment of a 5,700 euro fine, plus an eight year ban from holding public office. Juan Antonio Yagüe, brother of former Mayor Marisol Yagüe, was not sentenced because he did not appear in court. A search and capture order has been issued for him. Muñoz was allowed out of jail last Saturday morning for three days, which he said he intended to spend in Marbella. His application for the so-called third grade regime, under which he would only have to sleep in jail, has been turned down again.


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