The Unified Police Union, SUP, attacked Justice Minister Mariano Fernandez Bermejo last week for supporting the Supreme Court’s decision to absolve GRAPO terrorist Marcos Martin Ponce, who was condemned to 30 years in jail by the National Court for the murder National Policeman Francisco Javier Sanz Morales in 2000. The Supreme Court overturned the National Court’s ruling because there had been insufficient evidence brought against Martine Ponce. When asked by reporters for his opinion, Sr Bermejo said the Supreme had corrected a legal error. SUP spokesman Jose Manuel Sanchez Fornet responded with what the press described as the “most vicious attack ever mounted against a minister”. He said Sr Bermejo is “the most sectarian representative of the judicial Left, leader of the rich kid Reds, a salon Socialist who spent the equivalent of ten year’s salary for a policeman on doing up his flat with every luxury imaginable. He also said no minister had ever shown such contempt for the life of a policeman. Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega has asked the Judicial Power’s General Council to investigate the Supreme Court’s rulings and said it was “absolutely necessary to modernise the justice system”. GRAPO, an extreme Left anti-Fascist resistance group, was founded in 1975 but with most of its members either dead or in jail, it has only been sporadically active in recent years.


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