The Guardia Civil detained two men in Melilla last Tuesday who are wanted by the Moroccan authorities in connection with the May 2003 suicide attacks on Casablanca which killed 45, including 12 bombers. The attacks targeted a Jewish community centre, a Spanish restaurant and social club, a hotel and the Belgian consulate. Five explosions occurred within 30 minutes of each other. The blasts were triggered by suicide bombers carrying explosives. One of the men is also is wanted for his alleged links to an extremist group planning to carry out terror attacks which was broken up Moroccan authorities with the arrest of more than 30 people in an operation in February. The network had plotted to assassinate Moroccan cabinet ministers and members of the North African kingdom’s Jewish community. According to the Guardia Civil, El Bay was on a mission to forge links with traffickers in central Europe in order to gain access to weapons and explosives. Neither of the suspects faces charges in Spain, which is to start extradition proceedings.


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