Judge Rafael Tirado and the magistrate from the Sevilla Provincial Court, Javier González, have claimed that the errors made in the case of five-year-old girl who was killed in Huelva by a man who should have been in jail were caused by an excessive workload. They said they lacked the necessary manpower and resources in the courts which was why two earlier orders to send Santiago del Valle to prison for child molestation had not been followed through. Judge Rafael Tirado has already been accused by the General Council for Judicial Power, the body which oversees the judiciary in Spain, of a “very serious error” and faces being sacked this week. However, the Sevilla Lawyers’ College has come out in their defence, saying the government in Madrid and the Junta de Andalucia are just as much to blame for not keeping a closer eye on the courts. They said the two men were being made the scapegoats for others people’s laxity.


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