Some of the thousands of British, German and Dutch citizens whose homes have been demolished or who have seen their land seized under the so-called “land grab” laws in the Valencia region, told their stories to a committee of MEPs in Brussels last week. British Labour M.P. Michael Cashman, who was in Spain gathering information on the matter last year, has said he will take the matter onto the European Court of Human Rights if he has to. He said that the problem is acute in the Valencia area, but has also been seen in Andalucia, parts of Murcia and on the Canary Islands. The land grab laws were introduced by the Valencia regional government in 1994, and amended in 2005, but promises from the government to scrap them and compensate the victims have not been met. Mr Cashman and the MEPs are expected to call on the European Commission to step in. He has called for a moratorium on any more decisions under the law and a halt to any further demolitions of peoples homes. Austrian Socialist Euro MP, Herbert Bösch, has called for all European aid to be blocked to the Valencia region until the abuses stop and he is also advising people not to make any sort of investment in the region.


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