The Royal Household was “surprised” last week to discover that a recently published book about the Crown Prince Felipe and King Juan Carlos contained several letters that the King had written to his son between September 1984 and June 1985 when he was a student at Lakefield College School in Canada. A spokesman said the letters were authentic but had not been handed over to the author, José García Abad, by anyone currently employed in La Zarzuela Palace. In the letters, the King advises his son to “show enthusiasm, even when you’re tired; be amiable, even when you don’t fell like it; attentive, even when you’re not interested.” He reminds the Prince that “everyone will judge you in a special way so you must always appear natural, but not vulgar, educated and aware of people’s problems, but never pompous or conceited.” The King ends most of his letters as most parents do: “Please, Felipe, write to us, even if it’s only a few lines.” The King must also have been advising Princess Letizia on how to win people over. She received a standing ovation last week in notoriously republican Barcelona when she made half of her speech at the IX Awards of the International Businesswomen’s Foundation in fluent Catalan.


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