At least 50 Civil Guard agents had to intervene last week when some 300 people tried to lynch a family in the small town of Mirandilla (pop. 1,400) in Badajoz province, Extremadura. The Molina family consisting of a couple with six children, four of them minors, arrived in Mirandilla ten years ago and have done nothing but fight with their neighbours ever since, the local people told reporters. The neighbours finally decided they’d had enough a week last Sunday when a woman arrived in the street where the Molina family lived to visit her mother. For reasons unknown, they fired on her and on the crowd of angry people who began to collect outside their house. By day’s end, the Sr and Sra Molina and their two oldest sons were safe in the local jail while the youngest children were farmed out to relatives. The Guardia Civil then gave the Molinas a week to get out of town, while the neighbours muttered: “And they had better not come back.” It later came to light that the family had been also been forcibly evicted from the last town they lived in.


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