Anti-xenophobia campaign in Malaga To mark International Day against Racism last Friday, Malaga’s public buses carried posters in an attempt to raise awareness about immigrants’ role in Spanish society and boards were set up in the Plaza de la Merced so that people could “leave their mark” about immigration and tolerance. Entwined black and white ribbons were also handed out as well as copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. About 40,000 immigrants – 6% of the population – are already registered with Malaga City Council and another 30,000 are in the process of doing so. The majority are Moroccans or South Americans. The president of the Moroccan Association for Integration, Ahmed Califa, support for immigrants in Malaga had grown considerably in recent years. Rolando Mora, one of the 9,000 Argentineans who live in Malaga city, said: “We came here to work and create wealth like the Spanish immigrants to Argentina did at the beginning of last century. However, Yaroslava Nakonechma, one of the 10,000 Ukrainians living legally in Malaga city, 90% of whom work in domestic service, hotels, bars and restaurants said not being able to speak Spanish very well “made it very difficult to integrate”. She also said domestic service was not protected by law.


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