Former Palma de Mallorca councillor Javier Rodrigo de Santos has reimbursed the 50,802 euros he spent in gay clubs over two years ago, using a municipal credit card. The married father of five was dropped by his party, the Partido Popular, as soon as details of what a party spokesman called a “monumental scandal” began to emerge early last week. Rodrigo de Santos told reporters last Friday that his “errors” were due to “health circumstances”. People close to him allege he is also a cocaine addict. A devout Catholic, he helped to organise the Pope’s visit to Valencia, and in Palma he refused to carry out gay weddings. The Balearics public prosecutor has started legal action against him for the misuse of public funds. The ex-councillor’s family has reportedly left Mallorca to set up a new home in another part of the country.


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