The Mayor of Velez-Malaga, Francisco Delgado Bonilla, and the Dutch company Vulcanes, have signed a protocol of intent for what will be Spain’s first ecological treatment plant for the disposal of solid urban waste. It allows 99% of the material to be recycled and no prior separation of the waste is necessary beforehand. In a press release last Wednesday, the Town Hall explained that the waste is steam-cooked in pressurised containers at a temperature of 160ºC for 45 minutes, and at the same time it is automatically separated into recyclable materials. The plant, which will have the capacity to treat waste from other towns in the district, will be powered by fuels produced from the resultant organic fibre. Plastics recovered from the steaming process would be transferred into liquid fuel. The plant will be built in the Taramillas area next to the sewage treatment plant. The Mayor said he hoped to obtain European funding towards the 70 million euros cost of the project. He said a number of companies and banks have already expressed an interest in taking part.


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