The regional government of Catalonia has apologised for the poster it produced to celebrate International Women’s Day last week, which gave the translation of the word “violet” – the colour of the women’s movement – into 25 languages, with the exception of Spanish and English. The word appears in Arabic, Esperanto, all the major European languages, as well as Gaelic, Basque, Japanese, Russian, Bengali, Mandarin Chinese, Urdu and “Occitano”, a language closely related to Catalan. In fact, violet in Spanish is the same as in Catalan – violeta. A regional government spokesman said the omission of the Spanish and English words was an “oversight” and not deliberate. In the photo, a group of women marched in the centre of Barcelona last Saturday to mark International Women’s Day. The banner reads: “I am not the woman of your life, I am the one of mine.” The day was celebrated last Friday in most other parts of Spain to avoid staging anything even remotely political on the Day of Reflection – the day before the election when all political activity is forbidden.


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