The judge in charge of the investigation into the outbreak of Legionnaires disease, which killed three people last year, has proposed that the Benalmádena ice rink be fined at least 60,000 euros because its management failed to pass on in formation to the health authorities that the disease was detected in the refrigeration tower last May. He said that if they had done so, the installations would have been closed down much sooner than they were which could have prevented the outbreak or limited its scope. In a separate proceeding, the Instruction Court in Torremolinos has called on 23 people – who either had the disease or are relatives of those who died – to give evidence in the criminal investigation. Eighteen people contracted the disease and two of those who died were from the UK. The third victim was a Spaniard from Oviedo in Asturias. The investigation was ordered after the Málaga prosecution service detected evidence of a possible crime on the part of the company which manages the complex.


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