Rwanda has asked foreign governments and Interpol to ignore Spanish arrest warrants for 40 Rwandan army officers on genocide charges and the murder of nine Spanish citizens, including six missionaries. A foreign ministry spokesman called the warrants “bogus” and “ridiculous”, and said the case was based on falsehoods, racist language and genocide denial. He said Judge Fernando Andreu, who issued the warrants, had never visited Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo, where some of the killings are alleged to have taken place: “He just sat in Madrid, listened to well-known detractors of Rwanda and based on their falsehoods, which he never tried to cross-check, just went ahead and issued indictments.” He added that Judge Andreu had never tried to liase with Rwanda’s judicial authorities to seek the officers’ arrest. Judge Andreu began considering the case in response to a complaint from a human rights group in 2005. In 2006, French judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere issued indictments against nine close aides of Rwandan president Paul Kagame, sparking a huge diplomatic row.


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