While the two main parties – the Socialists (PSOE) and the Partido Popular (PP) – continue to make promises and hurl insults at each other in the run-up to the general election on March 9th, the movers and shakers in Andalucia’s regional election, to be held the same day, are coming up with more of the same. With one exception, which is a relatively new party, Ciudadanos (Citizens), which was founded for the last regional elections in Catalonia as a counterweight to the Catalan nationalist parties. For reasons unexplained, Ciudadanos is running a candidate in Malaga for the Junta de Andalucia. Last Friday, supporters of Antonio Venceslá, took the centre of Malaga city by storm handing out cardboard cut-outs bearing a photo their candidate’s face – “so that they will get to know him”. In the photo, Sr Venceslá says: “Keep my face”. It remains to be seen how many votes this unusual election propaganda will drum up for Ciudadanos.


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  1. ciudadano crítico says:

    ‘Ciudadanos’ is now a ‘national’ party which will face the general election on 9th March all over Spain. We´re running candidates in each and every city in Spain. This also includes andalusian reginal election.

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