Justice Minister Mariano Fernández Bermejo came under fire last week when it was revealed he had claimed 250,000 euros for improvements made to the government-owned flat in Madrid that he moved into at the beginning of the years. He said the flat, which was vacated by former Housing Minister Maria Antonia Trujillo in July 2007, was in a serious state of neglect and not had received any maintenance since 2004. Sra Trujillo retorted she had left the “stupendous flat in the centre of Madrid in a perfect state”. She said of the bathrooms, which had been given new fittings, that “you can shower the same whether the showerhead is old or new”. Most of the Justice minister’s critics question the wisdom of spending 250,000 euros on a flat that he will have to vacate if the Socialists lose the general election next month.


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