The Junta de Andalucia has approved the long awaited Golf Decree which bans the use of drinking water for irrigating on golf courses in the region. Only recycled water can be used. The Decree will become law next month after its publication in the Official Bulletin, and existing courses will have two years to bring their facilities in line with the new regulations. The decree also puts a stop to projects that link housing developments to golf courses, unless the course is seen to be of tourist interest. In that case, a technical commission would have to approve the project which would then go to the regional government for final approval. Los Verdes (Greens) party condemned the exception, saying it “leaves the cat flap open” for unsustainable property speculation. To stress their point, they gave Junta de Andalucia president Manuel Chaves a mini-golf set so that he could play golf at home un his garden “without turning Andalucia into one massive green”, a party spokesman said.



  1. I’m very surprised that golf courses orgininally used drinking water for irigation. We had a major drought in Atlanta, GA and if the public found out a golf course was using drinking water for irrigation, they would go ballistic!

  2. I hope ya’ll aren’t going to have a draught anytime soon!

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