Hundreds of people rang up after the owner of a tiny abandoned village in Castilla y León, just off the N-122 northeast of Soria, put up the 6,000 square metres of rustic land with three houses, a church and livestock enclosures for sale on the Web, for the princely sum of 48,080 euros. The hamlet has no water or electricity, but the owner said a high tension line is just a kilometre away, and there was plenty of water for a well. No-one has lived in Conejares for more than 70 years. The posting prompted on-line discussions with ideas ranging from creating an agrarian cooperative to getting together a group of 50 people to invest in Conejares and repopulate the village. The bewildered Mayor of nearby Ólvega, on which the hamlet depends, told reporters: “It’s not even a village, it’s just a hillock where there used to be some animal enclosures, and now there’s nothing left.” Now someone else has come forward, claiming ownership of two of the ruined buildings. Ana María Calvo said she believed one belonged to her father and another to her mother. She has managed to unearth a title deed for one of the enclosures which dates back to 1933 and names the owner as a man she thinks was her great-grandfather. Sra Calvo said she knows of other local people who have always believed they owned part of Conejares.

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