After measuring more than 10,000 women in 10 age groups during the past year, experts at the Health Ministry confirmed what most women already knew – that it is difficult to find clothes that fit properly. A Ministry spokesman said the study showed that the sizing system for women’s clothes, which was introduced in 1972, does not match the shape of Spanish women today. Researchers found three main body shapes: cylinder (similar measurements for bust, waist and hips), diábolo (or hourglass), and bell (pear-shaped). The spokesman said body shape generally changes as the woman gets older, starting with the cylinder shape, changing to diábolo between the ages of 31 and 60, and bell-shaped after that. As a result of the findings, the Ministry will propose a radical change to the way clothes are sized, and the Health Minister plans to take the proposal to the European Union to be adopted as the new system. Under the new system, a more precise sizing would be obtained by measuring height as well as the bust, waist and hips and adapting the last three measurements to the different heights. Spanish women are now two centimetres taller than they were 20 years ago. Health Minister Bernat Soria told reporters last week that the final results of the study will be forwarded to the textile industry in the near future, then work will start on reaching an agreement on the new clothing codes.


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