Former Marbella mayor Julian Muñoz, who is currently in jail for urban planning crimes, was found guilty in the so-called Incopromar planning case. This was one one of the first illegal building licences issued in Marbella, which gave permission for a 10-storey building, including commercial premises and a car park on land classified as public. Muñoz and five former Marbella councillors accused with him were each sentenced to six months in prison and a seven-year ban on holding public office. Juan Antonio Yagüe, brother of former Marbella Mayor Marisol Yagüe who was arrested in the Malaya case, was also charged did not stand trial as his whereabouts are unknown. The court acquitted another two men – lawyer José Luis Sierra and former municipal real estate assessor Juan Antonio Roca, the man alleged to be at the centre of the corruption in Marbella. The private prosecutors in the case – PSOE, Izquierda Unida and Los Verdes – decided to withdraw their charges against Roca last November. A former deputy mayor of Marbella, Pedro Román, who was once the right-hand man to the late Jesús Gil, had originally been charged in the case but did not stand trial because the judge ruled that he was not on the committee which approved the illegal licence.


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