The Andalucian High Court of Justice, TSJA, has accused Judge Francisco Javier de Urquía, who was suspended from Instruction Court 2 in Marbella for his alleged links to the Malaya case, of releasing suspects in the Hidalgo money laundering case in exchange for money. In this investigation, the authorities have so far impounded 92 million euros, more than 500 homes in the most exclusive areas of the and 60 luxury cars. Judge De Urquía told the court in January that “mafias on the Costa del Sol were trying to involve him in the case as a revenge for his breaking up their networks”. However he refused to answer the questions put to him by the magistrate, Miguel Pasquau. The judge was told his phone had been tapped since last autumn although the transcripts may not be admitted to the court. The judge’s friend, Arnaud Fabrice Albouhair, has also been charged with him..


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