Tomás Delgado Batolomé has withdrawn his demand from 20,000 euros in damages against the parents of a 17-year-old boy he killed in a road accident four years, claiming that the media had turned the court and the entire population of the country against him. That did not deter a second driver, this time in Castellon, from presenting a claim of 6,695 euros to the family of the 34-year-old woman he ran over and killed in March last year. The claim is for the damage caused to the four wheel drive vehicle in the accident which happened on the Mudéjar motorway. In the resulting legal case the driver was found not guilty because when he hit the pedestrian she was “dressed in dark clothing and did not carry anything reflective”. The motorway has no public lighting and the night of the accident was dark because of a total lunar eclipse, according to court records, which also said the pedestrian should not have been on the motorway. The driver tested negative for alcohol and the judge threw out the claim against him by the woman’s family who insisted she was on the pavement at the time of the accident. These are not the only cases. The El Mundo daily newspaper has reported the case of a taxi driver in Madrid who claimed and won 2,500 euros from a motorbike rider’s insurance company after the rider died in a collision in the city centre. Last year, the parents of woman who committed suicide by throwing herself out of a window had to pay 4,000 euros to the owner of the car she landed on.


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