The Socialist Party in Marbella has announced it will sue the local Partido Popular for libel after radio commercials were broadcast in which the PP claim that Junta de Andalucia president Manuel Chaves intends to demolish all the illegally built housing in the town. One ad said that those who purchased property in good faith will end up paying for the sins of others with their life savings. Socialist spokesman Jaime Olcina told reporters: “The demolition of the illegal homes will not be decided by the Junta de Andalucía but by the judges.” He added that PP Mayor Ángeles Muñoz had made these claims on many occasions, and noted that the judges had recently decided to postpone any decision until the town’s new PGOU Urban Plan comes into force. The Socialists have also complained that the local council has removed the Junta’s logo from billboards of projects in the town in the run up to the election, despite the fact that they are being funded by the regional government.


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