Sixty eight people were injured, one of them critically, in separate accidents involving more than 100 vehicles caused by fog on the A-42 near Toledo last Tuesday morning. Roberto Sabrido, a member of the Castilla-La Mancha regional government, told reporters: “We’ve been very lucky that no-one was killed in accidents of this magnitude.” The first pile-up happened at 8.30 on the Madrid side of the carriageway, between kilometres 49 and 51, and involved 60 vehicles, including a bus and three lorries. An hour later, there were three nose-to-tail crashes between kilometres 39 and 51 on the Toledo side of the carriageway: one of 30 vehicles – including a fire engine which had been called out to attend the first accident – another of eight, and the third of ten. Later that morning, there was another pile-up between kilometres 36 and 45 near Illescas, again on the Toledo carriageway.

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  1. Sheena Lees says:

    How can I find out about an accident on the Madrid Las Matas Highway (M40) in March 2005

  2. Sam Petereson says:

    Hi Sheena did you get a letter from a firm telling you about money that you good get

  3. Toni G says:

    Hi guys, i also got a letter from a firm in the united states telling me i could claim some guys money??? I think it’s a con? Am i right?

  4. Sun says:

    i think we ALL got one!
    Funny because it made its way ALL the way to OZ …unless of course all of you have the same last name as me !!!

  5. tash says:

    hi i also got a letter sayin i could get half of 22 mil, i got it on the 20th of feb im in sa n at first i thought it was real but i looked it up but wel i seen that other people got a letter kind of the same, i replyed to the letter n i wil let u al know if i get a respons but my letter was from a guy called david thomson? from europe, in my letter it stats that a guy with the same last name as me died n they have tryed white n yellow pages lookin for a relitive of some kind, now im 21 n i live wid my dad now y did i get the letter n not him? i also asked other people in my family n they have not receved a letter like this, i think it is a con but im checkin it out, n if it is a con i wil take it to the news il take it as far as i can as i am not in the white or yellow pages n dont know how this person got my name n adderess i know my dad is in them but it stil got sent to me. THANK YOU FOR READYIN N PLEASE REPLY

  6. Ace says:

    I also recieved a letter on the 19th of feb telling me that i could claim some money from a guy who had a car accident!! The guy who sent as the letter is the some guy as tash has described! I rang this guy up and he said he was David thomson although he could not give me a reason why he was choosing people at random and saying they are intitled to this money. This guy is a con man and he should not be trusted in my opinion!!!

  7. tash says:

    wel my last name is cater so i dont know if we do have the same last name lol

  8. Toni G says:

    OMG i got the same exact letter .. we need to get the message out though so other people dont fall victim of this scam…

  9. Bechara, Australia says:

    Thank you all for your blogs regarding the letter from David Thomson partner is Thomson & Associates at +34636635676.

    I too received the same letter and found it a bit suspicious. It has to be a con. Generally, correspondence from reputable companies usually have their company Logo and registration details.

    I’m not going to waste money calling him back but i think he should be reported to an authority in Europe or spain.

    Ace, did he request any money from you?

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be a beneficiary to $22 Million.

  10. tash says:

    hi ppl wel i did say i would tel u what happened when i sent an email n it said he had tryed to reach me twice n that wonted me to fax a prommisin note sayin i would give him half of 22 mil wel im not gona reply now tho but il be taken it to a legal ade person to c what they can do n im gona try to get in the world papper if i can.
    wel thank u all for al the that put a none on here

  11. tash says:

    did david say the dead guys name to any1 as he told me it was a guy called fredrick

  12. Danielle says:

    What the, My Mum Got one too, and yeah we are In Austrailia. Random enough to send it everywhere…
    We got it on the 26, of feb… today ….
    maybe he wants to see what money can do to peoples ..

  13. Has anyone else contacted Him ?
    doub there was even a crash

  14. california says:

    Well,well, I got the same letter today as everyone else in the world has! Thank God we found this site to get the real skinny on this scam. I can’t believe it, now we are getting spam snail mail!!! You can always figure these guys out by their poor syntax of the English language. I bet this David Thomson is sitting in a shack somewhere in Nigeria and sending these mailers through some contact in Spain to make it look legit.

  15. Dotti says:


  16. Dotti says:


    Thanks for your mail ….., I must firstly congratulate you in this response, though I have been patiently waiting to hear from you, this is actually my second time contacting you but i suppose the first letter didn’t get to you. I actually got more people with same lastnames but as a believer in God, i prayed about it and my mind choose you.

    Just as a matter of curiosity, do you think you know any person of the name of Frederick, a farmer who has been living in Spain for the past 45years? Well, I have been looking for his relatives since his death.

    Since a matter of urgency is involved in this, I have decided to contact you. They are no much information here and I uunderstand you might not remember this person, but what matters is that i have documentations(POWER OF APPOINTMENT) that empowers me to introduce you as a benefactor, and if the financial institute do require any documentations, i would provide it to them.

    In these regards, I must ask first for your discretion as you understand that this procedure require confidentiality.

    The nature of this process is very precise but in other to avoid mistakes,pls keep in consistent touch with me.

    Im happy to let you know that we had already been able to conclude about 90% of this process.
    For me to feel secured,I would like you to write me a promissory note,stating that if the said funds gets to you, I would peacefully receive my share which is 50%.You could sign it and send it to me by fax +34912919523

    Immediately i receive the promissory note, i would forward to you the direct contact of the institute , i would also draft a letter which you should send to them, i would go ahead in contacting the institute, informing them of this great accomplishment of locating you.

    I have also drafted a promissory note which you write/print your full name in capital letter and sign it,this is a security for me ,which indicates that when funds get to you,i would get mine in peace. Pls fax a copy to me +34912919523


    I ………………………..……… has confirm my intent to assist David Thomson in the process of receiving ($22,000,000 USD)deposited in the custody of “Prosegur Finance and Vaults” in Spain.Upon the completion of this transaction and money is in my possession ,we have agreed that 50% of the funds belongs to David Thomson And 50% to me……………………………..

    This note is only enforceable upon receipt of the said funds.


    Immediately i receive it,i would be sending you contact details of the institute.

    David Thomson
    Thomson & Ass,Toledo,Spain
    Alternative email:

  17. Ace says:

    This David thomson is unbelievable either he pulled the name Frederick from random or he is using my name, cause my name is Frederick and i told him who i was when i rang him up to personally tell him he is a con man and you will get caught for running this scam. So i think he is using my name!!! to answer your question Bechara Australia no all he said was “if you think it is a con why would i go through all this trouble to do this” and then said “i will send the documents through email and if you sign it you sign it” and hang up. He semmed like the whole time he was in a hurry like he had a big scam he was covering up!!

  18. Ace says:

    I also notice that this website was published on the 29 January 2008 doesnt that seem weird that a website would be published 5 years after the accident occured. Therefore David Thomson must of made this website up himself and the crash never existed!! Thats right David Thomson if u are reading these emails u better be scared cause u will get caught!!

  19. Kathy VR says:

    Yes my husband in the passed almost got coned. But I have been diligent on doing my homework from here on end. Oops I guess everyones getting a little wiser.

    I hope everyone sees this.

    Yes we got the letter too.

  20. John says:

    Hi guys, I received the same drivel from this David Thomson (African con man) I’ll be making contact with the Australian Federal police to see if we can have this con man jailed

  21. Matt says:

    Hi All, we got a similar letter, same contents, same phone number etc., but a different name, he is now David T Lopez. We are in the UK so it is spreading quite nicely! :-)

  22. tash says:

    hi it is so strage so many ppl got this letter i got the same email as dotti i have gona to the police n lywers they r curretly tracin the letter bak n lettin the police ova there know off this scam when i here more i wil let u al know

  23. M.L. says:

    Hi, I just got A LETTER (not a mail)with my adress in Germany from Spain.:
    David Thomson,An expert at cooperate and legal claims, I´m a partner at Thomson & Associates.
    I am contacting you in regards to a deceased client who was a victim of a car accident on the Madrid las-Matas Highwa(M40) in March 2005. A prominent client of mine happens to share the same LAST NAME with you.
    Before his death, my client deposited(22millions$) at the vault of a financial institution here in Europe, documentations regarding this indicates that claims must be to his relative/family member! The deceasd who died by accident unfortunately died without will(Intestate). I have contacted the white and yellow page in-search of his relatives but have unfortunately not succeeded.
    It has been called to my attention that the New EU law of succession/claims/fund indicates a duration in which such claims could to be tolerated. I have recently been mandated by the Insitution demanding me to present a relative of the deceased whom could be the next kin/beneficiary of the said funds. Failure to respond to this ultimatum would legally allow the financial institute to report this funds to the central bank of EU as unclaimed funds(Lack of suspersede).
    I and my colleague has succeeded in almost all the necessary requirements conderning the release of this funds and it is my intention to introduce this opportunity to you as the beneficiary.
    Please not that I´m legally equipped with all necessary information/documentations concerning this funds.
    Upon your decision of acceptance I would process the release of this funds to your possession, you would be entitled 50% of the said funds and 50% for me.
    For security reasons, I have dicided not to add more information into this letter, but immediately you get in touch with me,I would be able to inform you on how this could be concluded. I strongly advise that you firstly contact me via email or fax.

    …and so on….

    Dirct phone:+34636635676

    ..funny ;-)!?!

  24. Camalot says:

    Hi all,

    in between the letter has reached Germany!

  25. Rouven says:

    Hello, my name is rouven and i got this strange letter today. i live in germany and i’m surprised to be the relative of a guy who has 22 million$. at first im thought it is real but then i googled it and found this page. to my mind this david thomson wants to play a trick on people so do not trust him.


  26. Mirella says:

    Oh My God. I got the same letter last week but, not from David, it is from George Martinez. He wouldn’t tell me which one of my relatives died. It is a scam but, there was an accident so they are sneaky. I am in Darwin Australia and the funniest thing, is this is my married name. I emailed him, knowing it was a scam, as it has been big on TV and got the same response as Dotti. George lives in Spain and apparently my 22 mil is sitting in the Prosegur Finance and Vaults. Now I have seen all the responses, I am going to the TV.

  27. Frank says:

    It reached Canada.

  28. linda says:

    My husband received this letter today and we live in northern ireland.

  29. JT says:

    I received my letter (the same wording as above) today and he was still calling himself David L Thomson. Does anyone have any further information on this guy? Obviously a scam.

  30. simon says:

    Its reached Scotland LMAO.!!
    .the web is amazing in collating and tracking THOSE who try such scams !?. At the least, its insulting when adults get such LETTERS not email. I have no idea how my name was found as I’m ex. directory. My surname has no connection with blogs above so must be worldwide scammer? !
    Would warn everyone too as malicious minds that are work and maybe indentity theft if those conned go forward with TOO many details to try and gain funds. Imagine , at some point they will ask for ….yup …..your bank details to wire the alleged millions ???
    OUCH !!!!
    Last thought …theres NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH .But then whats fueling this is that few WOULD look a gift horse in the mouth..even if it was ‘totally toothless’

  31. shalla Crowd says:

    Oh yes,i have just received an inheritance from Spain, a david who claims that they are funds, after a visit to spain and the bank etc, my inheritance has been confirmed and hopefull i would be the happiest lady on earth

  32. phillip nicholls says:

    yep, my father reciceved same letter, i have looked into it, have death certifate, certifate of deposit, inhertances claim code APPROVAL
    next step
    Amount of 7,200 Euros for official endorsment and consigment insurances fees to be paid only in our office. (This is the sole responsibility of the next of kin/beneficiary)
    any ideas suggestions, who do i send these too
    Vic Aust

  33. toby says:

    My father also received this same letter yesterday who also stays in scotland. We did email this David guy and he repliend with the same E-mail as Dottie Above. Still Using the name Frederick.

    if this was a geninue letter you would have an address to write to and it would not say how much money had been left.

    as simon above has said i think this could be indentity theft.

  34. J Hett says:

    Just received my letter from David Thomson jnr ,telling me the same as he`s told all of you guys. Whats the matter with Jnr won`t his dad (snr) give him any pocket money, does he have to rely on us poor folk to supply him with it,
    We are big fans of inland spain and travel through Toledo often..It might be that we will call and see David the next time we go through…I think not..

  35. david says:

    another letter to germany ;) by David Thomson – same email adress, same phone number, but no adress information about the Thomson & Associates Company…

  36. sam says:

    another victim of spoof mail!!
    I have to say I was initially taken in by the formal letter that my dad recieved, telling of the tragic conditions in which somone of “the same name” had died leaving $22m with no beneficiary and hat we were the closest thing to a relative to be found.Images of a yacht in the bahahmas flashed before my eyes. The fact that my last name wasnt on the letter and that the signiture was clearly copied from another document and edited in paint raised a slight question, $22m would have been nice though, o well back to the daily grind. Im glad that most people have come to the same conclusion on this letter and havnt given the schemeing gits who made it a penny. well done!!

  37. J.W. says:

    Hi there, and now once again a leter in germany. Don´t trust. J.

  38. lol just kidding

    24-3-08 his name still David Thomson

    Yeah i got the same letter like everyone else, i live in New Zealand. It was pretty obvious it was a scam because of the poor spelling and the letter he sent clearly had the signature copyed from an other document. Im going to have a little fun with him by wasting his time saying how happy i am to get the letters etc. Then when he thinks he has got a “sale” ill start swearing uncontrolably lol hope everyone else strings him along too, oh but use a hotmail so he does not bother you after it happens

  39. Jude says:


    My son inlaw received exactly the same letter, so I decided to do a little surfing on the net & came across this web site. While talking to my daughter on the phone I proceeded to read her the letters that people from all around the globe had received and she confirmed that it was exactly from the same guy David L Thompson Jr, from Thompson & Ass
    We live New Zealand, & my son inlaw knew straight away it was a scam & told my daughter to throw it out, she is so discusted that she is going to contact the media to let others in our country know about this scam thats circulating all around the globe….

    Just hope there’s not an innocent person out there that actually believes this scam isn’t for real

  40. newzealand says:

    Hi all well it looks like all our uncles crashed into one another…lol i went as far as phillip nicholls, this david fulla is a hard case dude. anyway im going to the police first thing in the morning, im taking all the evidence and printing all the emails he sent to us, ive left his voice mail saved on my phone. im going to take this con to the news and to the newzealand herald. he changed his name to david lopez…wattta. did you notice his signature was only signed on one paper and none of the others! well anyway i better tell my family i cant pay there bills after all…lmao..i just hope nobody gets into this trap especially if they dont have internet.

  41. newzealand says:

    hi again! just done research on david thomson jr and it turns out this david person is already six feet under!! hes using a dead persons name, watta freeak.

  42. Jim says:

    He’s even created a fake website for the fake law firm at The content has been cut and pasted from other sites (one at least I’m suspicious about: as it looks so similar). The “about” page is a clumsy copy of data from Chambers and Partners website (

    The letter I got (which I knew was fake straight away – I’ve had so many Nigerian emails in the past!) didn’t have a signature but had two eamil addresses: and I’ve repeated them here so that if others Google for information they’ll find this site.

  43. Mike says:

    I have received their letter. Anyone falling for it is either slightly backward or else is not a native English speaker. I mean come on! David Thomson! It’s an English name and the chap clearly has one sandwich short of a picknick. My view? People who fall for this nonsense have themselves to blame.

  44. John New Zealand says:

    hi my dad just received the same letter, and i thaught it was a scam coz it was supposedly sent from spain, and the date it was printed was 17 march 08. and he received it on the 29th (today). well it takes longer than that to come from australia, let alone spain. also the envelope had no stamp or postage marks so i have no idea ho it got here!!
    also there was no return address for if it was undelivered. so it is possible that it was hand delivered?
    also if he was the only heir to this money, why print out the sticker for dads adress? wouldn’t it be easier to write it by hand if you only have to do one? also my grand dad and all his broteres and sisters would all have to be dead, not to mention my uncles and aunts aswell.
    so i hope they find this david thomson and chuck him in jail before someone gets coned.

  45. Todd says:

    I received this letter today:

    Indianapolis, Indiana USA

    Thomson & Asscoiates Solicitor and Investigation Agent

    I’m Barrister.Arron Ager a partner at Thomson and Associates expert at cooperate and legal claims. I am contacting you in regards to a deceased client who was a victim of a car accident on the Madrid las-Matas Highwa(M40) in March 2005. A prominent client of mine happens to share the same LAST NAME with you.
    Before his death, my client deposited(22millions$) at the vault of a financial institution here in Europe, documentations regarding this indicates that claims must be to his relative/family member! The deceasd who died by accident unfortunately died without will(Intestate). I have contacted the white and yellow page in-search of his relatives but have unfortunately not succeeded.

    It has been called to my attention that the New EU law of succession/claims/fund indicates a duration in which such claims could to be tolerated. I have recently been mandated by the Insitution demanding me to present a relative of the deceased whom could be the next kin/beneficiary of the said funds. Failure to respond to this ultimatum would legally allow the financial institute to report this funds to the central bank of EU as unclaimed funds(Lack of suspersede).

    I and my colleague has succeeded in almost all the necessary requirements conderning the release of this funds and it is my intention to introduce this opportunity to you as the beneficiary.
    Please not that I´m legally equipped with all necessary information/documentations concerning this funds.
    Upon your decision of acceptance I would process the release of this funds to your possession, you would be entitled 50% of the said funds and 50% for me.

    For security reasons, I have dicided not to add more information into this letter, but immediately you get in touch with me,I would be able to inform you on how this could be concluded. I strongly advise that you firstly contact me via email or fax.

    Dirct phone:+34 676 420 052

  46. Ron says:

    There are one billion people with my surname! So i’m wondering which one of my relatives has died! Another con – be careful (from New Zealand)

  47. Michigan says:

    I also received this and I live in Michigan,
    The name has changed it is no Barrister Aaron Ager.

  48. Stephen Lindop says:

    I too have been contacted by David thomson Jr.
    I followed it up just for fun, wondering when the guy would ask for money. Thanks to this blog I have at last discovered that the scam is quite widespread. Pity I could not have found a link when I googled Thomson and associates.

  49. Sarah NZ says:

    My husband received this same scam letter last week. I am tempted to email him from my own email account and ask him what last name this client of his actually has…I still use my maiden name! We live in New Zealand so I wouldn’t waste my money calling him. Oh, and 50%?! I don’t think so sunshine!! You ain’t taking 50% of my money! (Even my fake money).

  50. david is a con says:

    I have just received the same letter in the post! At first i was suspicious then thought it could be true but doubted it and found this site! He certainly has sent these letters far and wide. David Thomson Jr, is a conman and i hope nobody falls for it. My surname is different to those others posted above. The letter i received was written on 20/3/08 and arrived today 31/3/08 in Australia. Mine has no signature, he mustve read the above posts and figured it best to leave it out lol. Just had his name, the number as others have posted and the same 2 different emails.

  51. Stuart McMillan says:

    I recevied it in Australia today.

    Clues for me were: 1) No specific last name mentioned in the letter 2) what government would allow the funds to go to someone without an in-depth identification process when the other option is to keep the funds themselves?

    Still curious to see how the guy expects to get the cash. I’m gathering sending the promisary note would lead to further requests from him.

  52. Jen NZ says:

    Thank goodness i found this site..recieved mail today exactly the same…..what a bugger

  53. Tom of New Zealand says:

    My neighbour, an elderly lady living alone, received one and brought it to me for my opinion.

    It’s quite well done – a genuine-looking Toledo address, fax and phone numbers (which I didn’t ring) and not even an initial demand for any payment. The envelope bore a genuine (or genuine-looking) postmark, though from Madrid rather than Toledo, which seemed odd.

    Warning signs were the small but significant slips in English grammar, the fact that no genuine lawyer/lawyer’s firm would use Yahoo and Gmail email addresses, the use of a sticky label for the address on the envelope, the fact that the lady’s late husband (whose ‘name’ would have been the ‘vital’ factor) had no relatives in Spain but did have brothers who would have been equal beneficiaries and just as easily found.

    Some work, and even expense to cover stationary and postage, went into this rather than the usual cheap-and-nasty email scam, which makes it more believable and dangerous. Indeed that those expenses are being covered suggests it is profitable. I told the lady to throw the thing on the fire, but now believe it should be reported to the police as the more that do so who receive this thing, the more we are likely to see some action in tracking down this piece of shit.

  54. rose says:

    I live in Kentucky, USA and just got this same letter today. This time it’s from an Aaron Ager in Spain. I googled the company’s name, Thomson & Assoc., and apparently they really are a legitimate law firm, but if you notice the phone numbers and emails listed on the letter, they do NOT match what is on the law firms’ website. So it looks like some con artist is trying to pass this scam by using real names to make it look legit, but when you call the number they gave us, it dials the scammers, not the attys. Bottom line…never, ever give someone you don’t know ANY information about yourself…EVER

  55. Michael says:

    Many thanks for all the above – I have received a similar letter from David Thomson (Jnr) dated 20/3/08 which arrived in England on the 28th – the person now quotes two emails – or

  56. Domenic says:

    Oh yay! I’m 22 Million dollars (or rather “22million$”) richer!

    I too received this letter, and I’m in Australia. Why hasn’t this idiot been caught yet? Where are the police?

  57. Darren says:

    I’m in Michigan, received the same letter from Barrister. Aaron Ager-I agree with Rose above. This is a scam for either identity theft or money or both. Never give any info out to anyone-and never figure to get somethin’ for nothin’

  58. Dawn says:

    We also received David’s 22 Million letter. Through the Australian Embassy in Spain we were able to lodge a Police report in Spain and quess what? They have an overflowing file full of reports, and there is not much they can do about stopping this person doing what he is doing! Now I ask you, if they can’t who can, our Police have no jurisdiction in Spain

  59. Paula says:

    david thomsons letter has reached south australia, receied it 2/4/08 as did my grandmother, it is definately a scam BEWARE !!!!

  60. Ham says:

    Got mine today in Sth Australia..from Spain.

    Not going to be much left once we divide it up amongst ourselves…
    : )

    But its nice to meet all you relatives..

  61. I Hughes WALES says:

    I too have had the same letter. Im so glad that i checked it out first before doing anything about it. Came across this website. This is what was said when I replied to the initial letter:-

    Thanks for your mail Mr Hughes, I must firstly congratulate you in this response, though I have been patiently waiting to hear from you, this is actually my second time contacting you but i suppose the first letter didn’t get to you. I actually got more people with same last-names but as a believer in God, i prayed about it and my mind choose you.

    Just as a matter of curiosity, do you think you know any person of the name of Frederick, a farmer who has been living in Spain for the past 45years? Well, I have been looking for his relatives since his death.

    Since a matter of urgency is involved in this, I have decided to contact you. They are no much information here and I understand you might not remember this person, but what matters is that i have documentations(POWER OF APPOINTMENT) that empowers me to introduce you as a benefactor, and if the financial institute do require any documentations, i would provide it to them.

    In these regards, I must ask first for your discretion as you understand that this procedure require confidentiality.

    The nature of this process is very precise but in other to avoid mistakes,pls keep in consistent touch with me.

    Im happy to let you know that we had already been able to conclude about 90% of this process.
    For me to feel secured,I would like you to write me a promissory note,stating that if the said funds gets to you, I would peacefully receive my share which is 50%.You could sign it and send it to me by fax +34912919523

    Immediately i receive the promissory note, i would forward to you the direct contact of the institute , i would also draft a letter which you should send to them, i would go ahead in contacting the institute, informing them of this great accomplishment of locating you.

    I have also drafted a promissory note which you write/print your full name in capital letter and sign it,this is a security for me ,which indicates that when funds get to you,i would get mine in peace. Pls fax a copy to me +34912919523


    I …………………….……… has confirm my intent to assist David Thomson in the process of receiving ($22,000,000 USD)deposited in the custody of “Prosegur Finance and Vaults” in Spain.Upon the completion of this transaction and money is in my possession ,we have agreed that 50% of the funds belongs to David Thomson And 50% to me……………………………..

    This note is only enforceable upon receipt of the said funds.


    Immediately i receive it,i would be sending you contact details of the institute.

    David L Thomson
    Thomson & Ass,Toledo,Spain
    Alternative email:

    People like this should be stopped so i will be going to the authorities too

  62. Amy says:

    Hey guys, wow this is just crazy, i can’t believe i got sucked in!
    Thankfully i found this website before i went too far. this the email that gets sent once you have signed the promissory note, am including it here for anyone who googles info.

    From David Thompson
    Thanks for your mail please note that the institute will only communicate via fax. I have drafted a message which you should send the institute, fax it to them (+34933807423) please include a contact number including FAX where they can reach you.

    Att: Mr Alberto Garcias
    Dept of Vault & Claims
    Avda Gran Via 177-179
    Barcelona Spain

    Dear Sir,
    I’m *my name* and maybe related to a deceased client of yours who was a victim of an accident in 2004. My cousin Frederick Martins *my last name*, date of birth May 21st 1947, last address as: 17 Aveneda de Barcelona, Las Matas- Madrid Spain. It is also my knowledge that my cousin has an unclaimed deposit of $22,000,000 (twenty two million USA dollar)
    As a possible relation, i’m in possesion of every document you might require and I’m making an application as heir/beneficiary and next of kin of the deceased.
    Please accept this late application as it was due to family logistic problems consequent to his funeral rights.
    Thanks in anticipation of your cooperative response

    Spewing, i went and borrowed a learn to speak spanish cd from the library and everything!! as you can see the wording is a little dodgy which is what prompted me to google it. I emailed him after receiving this and asked him if it was actually legitimate (as he claims there is no breech of law in his first letter) and he emailed saying:
    “Please remember that i am a lawyer and have an oath to the state, if i you are in trouble i am in two times the trouble”
    what a big fat liar!!!

  63. Amy says:

    ps i am in WA and recieved letter dated 20/03/08 on 31/03/08

  64. alicenme says:

    We live in Oklahoma, USA. My husand received this same letter today (April 7, 2008) It was dated March 28th.

    What a con!

    I’m not ever going to travel on this Madrid las-Matas Hightway. First, I don’t have the 22 million dollars you obviously need to travel it and also, too many people die on it. lol!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope someone catches up to this guy and he gets whats coming to him (and its not 11 million dollars)

  65. Chrissy says:

    as said, we seem to have an abundance of relatives, isn’t that great. Nice to meet you all.
    WHo is really ‘in charge’? I ask you, if the police there and here can’t do nothing what hope do we have!!!!!
    We have lots of hope, and really need to use the intelligence we have been given.
    I Must admit we have enjoyed reading all your comments and it has made us feel much better.
    We have received several contacts, one from Habib, David and another one. One came to me as the beneficiary, but with my husbands last name
    Surely if it was my relative they should have had my maiden name?
    As I said it has been nice to meet you all,

  66. Nigel, ACT says:

    My wife also received the letter from David Thomson today. It was dated 28/03/08 and the postmark shows Madrid. The less than perfect grammar and the dodgy email addresses give it away as a classic scam.

    An Internet search reveals the website, with the same Toledo address as that shown on the letter. The website gives the company name as Thomson & Associates SA, whereas the letter shows Thompson & Ass, SL.

    The phone and fax numbers are different on the main web page but the fax on the Contacts page is the same as shown in the letterhead.

    I wonder how they got my wife’s correct name and address. It’s not even shown correctly in the phone book!

  67. Ruth says:

    I received letter last week in Northern Ireland. Thought at the start it was too good to be true, but I done what he said, he ensured me it was all above board – even called my husband several times on the phone.

    This morning a fax came through from vaults and claims in Barcelona regarding the 7200 euros required to release the $22m.

    I thought I’d try to catch him out and sent David a e-mial to tell him I was so much in debt that no bank here in Northern Ireland would give me another loan. And guess what he seems to have done a runner – no reply – any other time he’d be on the phone within 30 minutes.

    He’s a very smart guy – it really looks the part.
    He faxed us through death certificates and certificate of deposit etc.
    I even told him that I would be taking my solicitor with me to get the money – this didn’t seem to faze him.

    He also called my husband this morning from a number that when it was called back an hour later it was Spanish C.I.D!!!!

    He was even sorting out flights for my husband to go over to spain and he would meet him of the plane.

    Thank goodness I saw this site before it got that far.

    Dear knows what would have happened to him if he had’ve went to Spain.

    Well anyway – nice to meet all you Grahams out there lol. x

  68. Lee-Ann says:

    Ive just found this web site by accident. (Or rather a dream I had last night). I took my letter to the bank the court house and no one could tell me who to contact as it seems as soon as it comes from outside the country there is no-one who can deal with it. I did go and buy a fax machine though (will come in handy I hope). Still using David Thompson but would only communicate thru fax. The letter was posted in Madrid so he may of changed his tactics slightly not including the internet. Will see if the paper or someone is interested, he will get someone I bet.

  69. Robbo says:

    Hi people
    I think he was my uncle and I miss him alot I cant remember his first or last name , but I think he is my uncle when it comes to money.
    Yep , i am supposedly 22 million dollars richer, I think I will quit my job and by the company I work for, Then I will sack my boss whilst I am still working for him , I will be his best friend and console him of the bad news .
    I will buy a brand new Porsche or two , a few houses or maybe stick it in the bank and look at the interest accumalate. Anyone got any ideas how to spend it or make a business venture out of it.
    Possibly buy the local brothel ? I just don’t know.
    Any suggestions will be greatfully appreciated.


  70. Ruth says:

    Me again,

    Just got another email through from our old pal Mr Thomson, because I told him I can’t come up with the 7200euros needed – hes told me I’m no good to him now and he’s going to have to find someone else that will.

    He’s a lovely fella don’t you think?- not!

    He sounded so genuine on the phone but as soon as I played him at his own game he got stuck – Ah bless

    I just hope no one goes as far as to give him the money.

    It makes me so sad to know there are such deceitful people in this world especialy when he uses Gods name in the way he was guided to us all.

    Well David If you happen to see this just to let you know I could have easily got the money you wanted and wasn’t in debt as I told you, and just you let you know I will be praying that God will take you from this evil place in your life and that noone will ever get sucked in by you.


  71. So So says:

    The question is….how the f… did he get my home address?

    I got the letter April 11. Australia

  72. So So says:

    Make that the 10th

  73. Mandy says:

    I got same letter in Yorkshire today.
    NO FREE LUNCHES in this life!!!
    Thanks Google you save so much time in research.

  74. dawn says:

    hi everyone my mum got the same letter today delivered to wales(12th april) dated 04/04/08 so i tthought i will check it and find out a bit more about it before phoning this guy and giving him a piece of my mind i feel sorry for people who havnt got access to the internet !!!$22 MILLION SOUNDED SO GOOD UNTIL I SEEN HOW MANY PEOPLE I GOT TO SHARE IT WITH PMSL!!!

  75. Chicken says:

    My dad in Japan also got this, stamped date 10.03.08.

    Thank goodness he knew enough to forward it to me.

    I salute you all to pass these information around to protect ourselves from these scammers.

    I hope these scammers burn in hell.

  76. nethew off desecest Frederick says:

    hello family,
    an idea for anyone that would like to pay a visit to our “freind”
    play along with him, but don’t hand the money over till you see $22 m
    meet him, spend some time with him, go to the cemetry, say Rest In Peaces lost family member, go to the vaults count out $22 mill, then hand over euros, if he hands over $11 mill, say thank you, if he does a runner ????
    An idea live on the streets for a week, hit a policeman, get arrested, say sorry to the police man, but i had no where else to turn, this “man” (have all his details) has ??? (taken all my savings), encourge the police to follow it up,
    if all elses fails you will have a hoilday to rember a be a guest in the big house
    i think i have burnt my contact, he will not talk to me any more

  77. Anonymous says:

    Yep, you guessed it. I received one today 16 April 08 in Sydney Australia. The letterhead says Thomson & Ass. That in itself is a joke as no reputable firm would use “ass” instead of “assoc”. LOL

  78. Anonymous says:

    Yep i’ve got one of those great letter today 17th april 08 in South Australia. What a joke.

  79. julie says:

    You will never guess, yep got 1 too.
    I live in Lincolnshire UK
    He told me everything you have all said,plus
    “I have a sworn oath with the court i am a officer of the state and if i do anything wrong it would hit me harder than you, Please note that all we are doing is within the walls of law, i await to recieve the promissory note.”

    He has replied to my e mail,tonight, i asked him if he was going to pay half of the inheritance tax out of his half, or did it have to come out of my half, his reply was,”it’s ok if you do not listen to me, i am sure we would conversate when we meet. please note that i would only recieve 50% of what you recieve, please let me have the promissory note Act fast.”

    I sur have no intentions of meeting this Nutter,
    and advise everyone please be careful.

  80. Jero says:

    I received the letter on 16 April 2008 in Adelaide, Australia. Mine was from David Thomson Jr (I feel for the real David Thomson Jr).

    I thought it was a bit rich that the guy wanted 50%, so I decided not to respond ;-)

  81. Bobby says:

    My husband received ‘the’ letter today say exactly what everyone elses letter has said. It has reached New Zealand. Definitly a con.22mil is a dead givaway.

  82. Maria says:

    Hi Everyone:

    I received the same letter saying this Frederick who died in that highway shared the same surname as mine left $$22 million. I replied in his email and yes the reply was exactly the same content as you guys received which says, I must firstly congratulate you and then in the end was asking me to make a promissory note of 50% of whatever I will get.

    So, I asked the address of that institute which he willingly gave me and yes again for the third time, he drafted a letter for me to send that I am the cousin of Frederick. I faxed it and three days later, I received a fax from that institute called PRosegur Finanzas Y Securidad askign for a death certificate and a certificate of deposit issued for Frederick.

    Meanwhile, I have an email from David asking me what was the content of the fax? so, I told him what was on it. I am sure I will have a result by tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

    Now, at least I know that the next step will be for him to ask 7200 euros as others say.

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences.


  83. Zar says:

    Hahaha…This is the 2nd of these cons we have recieved…Got one around xmas time from a Neong Retnam and today this one from david thompson jnr…Honestly these people are sooo rude trying to take advantage of innocent people ….

    We are in New Zealand by the way

  84. Sinoki says:

    hi All
    thank God i found this site, i got mine today dated 4/4/08 and
    year its nonsence but let hope no one get caught with this shit
    as he continue wasting his money sending all this letter,
    good on you guys for putting up this.

  85. hamburger27 says:

    yes i got that one too
    i am emailing (google the firm)

    David L. Thomson
    Principal Partner
    Phone: 650-342-181
    Fax: 912-919-624

    at the above email to query this/alert him if the mail does not originate from his office!

    perhaps you can all do this and if it is a hoax then alert your local authorities


  86. Shame on that so called David Thomson!!!!!!
    Folks in New Zealand, I have received that letter too and all the email as well.
    Shame on him to say that he is a believer of God!!!! Don’t fell in this rubbish!

  87. hamburger27 says:

    Hi there- further to my previous post:

    had a reply from the real David Thomson person – he does not sound impressed by this fraud and will do something about it.

    all of you might as well call your local authority in your country (especially in europe) as it is old people who are not computer literate who may get trapped or lead along to sign fraudulent statements, let alone loose money or be annoyed otherwise.

    i am in Western Australia so the thing is certainly traveling the world!


  88. HAHA says:

    HAHA managed to reach the sleepy town of Toowoomba in Queensland Australia!

  89. Winsome says:

    I received the letter recently and immediately recognised it as a scam but I intend to waste this guys time by sending him many emails asking technical questions (and giving my full opinion of him at the same time) – I can be evil when I want to be. He’s a thick dude, I have already mentioned getting INTERPOL involved to track him down but he is either too thick or can’t read English. I will see what other info he might reveal about himself or his identity.

  90. hamburger27 says:

    someone is blocking this site

  91. hamburger27 says:

    someone was blocking this site

    the “real” chap is probably not really “real” either as the website IS a fake


  92. hamburger27 says:

    the website for the firm is fake because it appears on the faxes our friend sends, but not on the original mail letter.

    Hence my response (*short-but in VERY good english) from
    David L. Thomson
    Principal Partner
    Phone: 650-342-181
    Fax: 912-919-624

    is also fake and the above “news” article as well.

    i had sent a previous response suggesting- like WINSOME above- to get interpol/spanish police involved plus a few other deductions but that was blocked suggesting the “chap” actually reads all this (i had given the “real” chap the link).
    maybe this will be blocked too- if not entertain him with emails if you like.

  93. Winsome says:

    Oh dear, I have had no response from “david thomson” since my last email, what a dissapointment! Maybe he can read english after all and thinks I might be a time waster and a threat to his scam.

  94. Winsome says:

    just log into

    its all the information you need to clear up any doubts about the scams

  95. hamburger27 says:


    enjoyed your link-it is all new to me but i had expected to disclose account details for him to empty it out (and i might have obliged but there would be no money in it-just to keep him entertained of course)

    methinks i might (eventually) email your link to him just for fun and further education should he need more ideas??

    had a reply from the “fake” to my email in response to the fax he wrote in my name to “the vaults” to my comment that I had no evidence that I was a cousin of frederick and that it would be fraud under australian law to sign and send such a doc – got a terse reply, concerned that i was wasting time and that life is too short to be concerned about such niceties and that he would provide all the evidence when required anyway- still enticing me to fax the stuff and let him know (why?-he, as the “fake vault” is the recipient anyway!)!!

    But the chap has not yet revealed how he would entice me to hand over any money to him. Looking forward to that instruction!

    he may not be in spain so it should really be interpol- and in my case australian police, i think!


  96. Winsome says:

    methinks he (or them) may now be honing in on fresh bait using a slightly different letter and names etc etc.

    oh well…you win some and you lose some………

  97. hamburger27 says:

    hello winsome
    chap now advises that if i do not fax quickly he has “others” with my surname and he may no longer “choose” me as the inheritor!!
    i shall complain, of course!!

  98. hamburger27 says:

    i might just about reveal these links (though he should already have them so he might be a bit thick)
    Anyway good to have had a bit of fun!!
    still do not know how he got our mailing address? and interpol must be getting close to him unless he is in africa.

    Have you contact the institute???????? Pls do and stop asking irrelevant questions, this is between me and you, no one else.

    MY LAST EMAIL after he advised i might miss out:
    does that mean that I have to share the proceeds? How come i have priority if the other xxxxxx also have a claim? and does that come out of my 11M or how do we share??
    please advise!

    —– Original Message —-
    From: David Thomson
    To: XXXX
    Sent: Sunday, 27 April, 2008 3:24:13 AM
    Subject: Re: PN

    Please fax this document as i have informed you times that this is not a problem, in the process of avoiding wasting eachother’s time, i strongly advice you to go ahead, fax the document,call me for any questions or lets for get about these, as i have informed you that i found otherXXXXXXX but i decided to contact you first.

    David L Thomson
    Thomson & Ass,Toledo,Spain
    Alternative email:

  99. Maria says:

    Hi That is classic!

    Hi Winsome! Trust me my dear. I am from Melbourne and yes I received the letter. Mind you! I faxed the letter saying I am a relative of that Frederick. But since Frederick is so old, no way he can be my cousin so I suggested the word “uncle” instead.

    Anyhow, he still used the word cousin in spite of my insistence of using uncle. After I faxed that letter to the PROSEGUR, I received an emai from David curiously asking what did I received from Prosegur. I told him that teh institute was asking me to send the death certificate and the certificate of the deposit by frederick in the vault.

    So, I asked if he has them and he said he has them and that he already faxed a copy to teh institute.

    The next step was an email from David saying that I need to buy a plane ticket to Madrid because I need to sign the release of the money. But before that, I need to pay the insurance worth 8600 euro. Tha’s right.

    I told him that is impossible because I don’t have any money to access for my plane ticket let alone that 8600 euro. I was lying of course but then the following day, I had a surprised phone call from him asking me what is going on and what’s taking me so long.


  100. hamburger27 says:

    he is still at it?? i have not been asked to give ghim money yet as he still is pushing that i fax the prosegur (which i think goes straight to him anyway)saying i am wasting time by asking awkward questions.

    i will now just give him this and winsome’s link so that he stops pestering me

    HI DAVID- enjoy when you read all this!!and i think interpol might be getting close so watch yourself!

  101. teddybear says:

    same thing happened to us but asking for 8,200 auros gave him fulse flight plan and surpose to be arriving in madrid wednesday afternoon he booked us a motel at melia 27 princesa madrid and catch a taxi to their ring him when reach motel like to see hes face i’m safe at home nice to string some one along if he can do it some should do it back so iam playing with peoples lifes who does he think he is what does he do with you if someone does turn up. QLD

  102. dannyyy says:

    welp i to have gotten a letter but this time its from som moron named martin brown from spain who works for some here said law frim called equity… the funny thing is that there is actually a law firm called equity from spain….hummm kinda mysterious

  103. hamburger27 says:

    the law firm (if found as a site0 is probably fake just like david’s above!
    if you have the time play with him!

  104. Blair & Sally Robertson says:

    Yes we also received a letter from a David Ramos who is also a famous musician, soccer player, lecturer at a university who told us we could get $12million and could give him half because we’d be so rich. Amazingly this money was deposited JUST before he was killed on the Barcelona Highway Spain. The silly chap.
    Hopefully no-one is tricked by this scam and finds these replies like we did. Lucky for us as we had the money spent!!!

  105. em says:

    YEEEEEHHHH same letter arrived today in southern highlands sydney AUSTRALIA…. pretty much classed as country so he MUST be gettin vvverryyy desperate. But if you research the letter its easy to find out that his a con…
    He makes me angry coz out of all these millions of people he has TRIED to con their probably will be at least ONE person who will conned fully and lose something…
    its a sad world
    be careful x

  106. Marl Martyn says:

    Hi all my soon to be wealthy friends!
    My letter from young Dave has only just arrived to N.S.W Australia
    Surely he must soon be feeling the costs involved in postage.Just might return the favour making him the recipient

  107. teddybear says:

    Funny thing is you can play with this guy and it makes no difference to him he doesn’t contact you to see where you are when your surpose to meet he just finds someone else to con they haven’t court him yet that say’s alot for our system in catching crimes

  108. Mario says:

    BE WARNED PEOPLE…this guy is determined to sucker someone in.
    His letters etc, identical to everyone elses,has made it again to the Southern Highlands, NSW Australia. We are informing our local paper to warn others. Perhaps the federal police could do something to stop this con man before he succeeds. I’d hate to see him actually get away with this.

  109. middle of nowhere says:

    I think I know how this DAVID (I have no life) got my name, I have been doing family research and have been looking for a Frederick in my family, poor ol bloke would be 110yr. I have been looking on the net in family gene sites, so our David must spend time on these types of sites. By the way I am in oz in the middle of nowhere

  110. candice says:

    my dad got the latter today and we do have family over there so i jummed on the net to fined about the acc . and found this thank god for that .. my dad has con our local police and they are getting in cont withe the fradral police so good luck to him when they finly get him wich will not be to far away ..
    low life .. you all say how smart he is hes not there is so many flows it not funny

  111. middle of nowhere says:

    Done a bit more research he has been watching and hacking the Federation of Family History Societies site. I have used this site since early May and my letter was sent the 23 may. Someone get him.

  112. Freak says:

    I can’t believe a scam can be going on for so long. Today I got my letter (through the post not email)from David Thomson Jr of Thomson Abogados & Associates. Fortunately I know I am from a long line of poor people. I tried to google it and got nothing. I used yahoo because that is the email address listed and got here. I am so glad to see that there are people out there smart enough to try to expose the con!!!!
    The other reason I knew this was a con was because it states my married name. Surely there woud be a heap of in-laws in line before me. I am annoyed because it has my first name and it is spelt correctly so the conman (or woman) has got a good information source!!!!

  113. almost rich says:

    damnnnnnnnnn!!!!!! well i thought i was in for a complete life change with my newly aquired $22 mill oh well looks like ill have to go to plan B ANY1 OUT THERE WANNA BE MY SUGA DADDY!!! lol thanks heaps for this web site as i was trying to find out more about this poor uncle freddy who had died and left his money in limbo and now its reached kalgoorlie australia surely there isnt too many more places he can mail too as this is the arse end of nowwhere LOL

  114. thomas says:

    Yes I got a letter from Mr Thomson as well this time it was fredrick exactly the same letter. Has he managed to get monet from anyone yet.

  115. big mumma says:

    hi everyone my husband got his letter today 5 june 2008 bit strange we thought as him and his brothers are the only ones to carry on family name so went on net found out he is related to half the world how lovely well xmas may be expensive this year but at least we all rich now lol am going to inform our local paper to advise others your relatives in birmingham england.

  116. hamburger27 says:

    have had no more emails from our DAVE after giving him the link to this and winsome’s link
    YET he seems to keep going!
    bombard him with email replies i would say- may even do so myself again
    as he seems to have nothing else to do.
    as he sends letters by mail it must cost him soething- though mine had no stamp, just an imprint. maybe we should all ask for real stamps for our collection in case he has stolen an imprint machine??
    keep him occupied until interpol gets him, i would say!!
    HI DAVE reading this?? will pester yiou again shortly when i have a moment!!!!


  117. -- says:

    I got same letter in Duesseldorf, Germany today.

    >> piss take

  118. Ralph says:

    Hello everyone,

    Yes, me too. Like others I’m playing David along and keeping the police informed. Funny though, asked him for coloured scan of his passport front page details – absolute silence. I’m up to the stage where he has asked for flight details to Spain. I suggested he pay for the flights out of his share of the 22 million – no way. Actually I’m having some fun with this. Frankly, I don’t think the Federal Police are interested. Good to hear your stories.

  119. Billie says:

    My Father in Law also received a letter stating similar info to that above. We are in the UK. I failed to see why he was the one to receive it and not his mum, aunts etc. We are just glad we found this site before we contacted this wonderful Mr Thomson. Saved us a few pounds for the call. Good thing we never went and splashed out with our 22m win :)

  120. Robin & Leon says:

    Almost fooled my husband, thank god my daughter found this page. We too got several emails, faxes and phone calls, word for word, the same as everybody else. We even received the death certificate with a photo of this so called “Fredrick” on it, certificate of deposit and faxes from the Vault. Sounding so genuine on the phone and correspondence looking so believable, we were about to book flights today. I hope all other innocent people don’t fall for this bastard’s scam. Leon just phoned the police here in Western Australia, Perth. They’re not interested in this scam, or any other scams for that matter! Pathetic!!!!!

  121. Sandra says:

    I laughed when this letter arrived in my letterbox yesterday.I live in Australia
    Yep for sure (like no) I have a some family member from “spain”, Which family are they talking about mine or my husbands surname considering it was addressed to me!
    I dont think I’ll reply……. you would think these days with internet access and search engines he would work out in 2 seconds flat that people will check as I did that….of course for curiosity and guess what, it doesnt exist
    I found this by typing the accident in
    I hope people are smart enought to think of this or ask someone to do it for them

  122. Lesley says:

    My boss got one of these letters from “David” last week! He obviously does not give up easily. I don’t know if folk out there are aware that a “sucker list” can be bought providing names of people who are easily sucked into responding to free lottery prizes and inheritances. They prey on vulnerable people and particularly the elderly.

    It made the news last week in the UK as even companies like The Reader’s Digest are guilty of drawing people into buying loads of books in the hope of receiving part of a £250,000 prize draw – what you ususlly get is a cheque for 5 pence! One lady recently lost a husband because of the stress. I was one of those “suckers” once with Readers Digest! Learnt my lesson big time1 Got loads of books!

    The message given out last week was DO NOT REPLY to any of these letters. They are ALL scam letters. Always read again as the second time you will discover that the wording and grammar is really bad.

    We had another one a few years ago from a Spanish lottery. Contact your local trading standards office or send them into the police. I checked an FBI website when we got the Spanish lottery letter in 2006 and found that there are loads of these going on world wide and that some of the perps have been caught! But not all UNFORTUNATELY!

    Lesley SW SCOTLAND

  123. Traveler says:

    How ridiculous… I got one of these letters today (could anyone actually ever take it for real?)
    I handed my letter over to the police, but what should they do. They cannot track him down, and the letter in itself is not illegal.

    I suggest we just fight back and flood this guys e-mail addresses (whatever they are) with junk mail…

  124. Pam says:

    Yes he is still going. We live in New Zealand. Three things that made us realise he was a con. He had an English name and his letter seemed to be written by a foreigner. That he wanted half of the money(the norm would be 10% or less) and he wanted to keep everything hush hush. Hope no one gets sucked in by the creep.

  125. Melissa says:

    Hi all we also got one of these letters ours dated the 14 may 2008, The letter was recived on the 1 of june.We did’nt get it untill the 15 of June. My husband and I both not sure about the letter sent an email to him, it was’nt untill today that I thought I would look the company up and I found all this.
    We got our letter from a past office box located in a small country town called Swan Reach in South Australia I think we might take this one straight to the police and see if we can also help to get this scam stopped.

  126. Sandra says:

    I received my letter (snail mail) recently all the way to Australia NSW. What is interesting is that it was sent to an address where I haven’t lived in over 10 years. Also I recently spent a weekend in Madrid while visiting my daughter and her family in France. I hope there is no connection but just a coincidence. I’m taking the letter to the local police. I’m sick of these conmen trying to rip off hardworking people especially the elderly who may find this very distressing and confusing.

  127. Michael says:

    Received my letter today. Whats the old saying, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!

  128. Dave jamestown South Australia says:

    Hi guys got the letter today 17/06/08 same as everyone here and so did my father who lives in jamestown South Australia . What gets me how did this clown get our addresses I mean mine is on the bloody farm . Anyway by the time we split the loot up we will owe every one a bill .
    thought it was my lucky day until i came here .

  129. Dave jamestown South Australia says:

    Also I just recieved this plus a phone call saying his name was fredrick but as soon as I said i checking things out on google the old hang up trick .

    Thanks for your mail David, i must firstly congratulate you in this response, although I have been patiently waiting to hear from you, this is actually my second time contacting you but i suppose the first letter didn’t get to you. I actually got more people with same last-names but as a believer in God, I prayed about it and my mind chooses you.

    Just as a matter of curiosity, do you think you know any person of the name of Frederick, a farmer who has been living in Spain for the past 45years? Well, I have been looking for his relatives since his death.

    Since a matter of urgency is involved in this, I have decided to contact you. They are no much information here and I understand you might not remember this person, but what matters is that i have documentations (POWER OF APPOINTMENT) that empowers me to introduce you as a benefactor, and if the financial institute does require any documentation, I would provide it to them.
    In these regards, I must ask first for your discretion as you understand that this procedure require confidentiality.
    The nature of this process is very precise but in other to avoid mistakes, pls keeps in consistent touch with me.

    Im happy to let you know that we had already been able to conclude about 90% of this process.
    For me to feel secured, I would like you to write me a promissory note, stating that if the said funds gets to you, I would peacefully receive my share which is 50%.You could sign it and send it to me by fax +34912919523

    Immediately i receive the promissory note, i would forward to you the direct contact of the institute , i would also draft a letter which you should send to them, i would go ahead in contacting the institute, informing them of this great accomplishment of locating you.

    I have also drafted a promissory note which you write/print your full name in capital letter and sign it; this is a security for me, which indicates that when funds get to you, I would get mine in peace. Pls fax a copy to me +34912919523


    I ………………………………………………………… has confirm my intent to assist David Thomson in the process of receiving ($22,000,000 USD)deposited in the custody of “Prosegur Finance and Vaults” in Spain. Upon the completion of this transaction and the money is in my possession, we have agreed that 50% of the funds belong to David Thomson And 50% to me…………………………………………………
    This note is only enforceable upon receipt of the said funds.


    Immediately, I receive it, I would be sending you contact details of the institute.

    David Thomson
    Thomson & Ass,Toledo,Spain
    Alternative email:

  130. Huma says:

    well, well my dad recieved this letter last week! from David Thomson Jr. we are in New Zealand.i became to belive this guy. but then i just reserch about the new EU law of Succession/claim/fund and i find this guy is frund not everybody have same last name. i am lucky to see this site. did you all notes he put the phone number diffrenet my is +34620772204 this is he put pravite phone number in th letter.lucky we dont waste money to phone him.

  131. Michel says:

    Jeudi 19 juin 2008

    Cela fera la 2ème fois que je reçois ce genre de tentative d’escroquerie. La première fois je suis allé à la gendarmerie qui m’a affirmé ne rien pouvoir entreprendre du fait de N° de téléphone de Mobile. Cette fois-ci le fax et le “private phone” mentionne un n° de téléphone fixe. Je vais donc aller les retrouver, car il faut que ces auteurs soient mis hors d’état de nuire sans délai. Des personnes peu averties et un peu naïves peuvent se laisser piéger.

    Heureusement que le “net” existe, pour ceux qui savent l’utiliser

    Die – (Drôme) – France

  132. Leto says:

    My wife got also one letter today but I must say that we did not believed in it one second.

    Not only the guy is really a thief but he is also stupid

    using such strong figure (22 MM$) putting words like strongly in bold and asking for strict confidentiality , pretending it is honest (if it was why would he claim 50 % ) .

    for morality reasons , I am going to inform my Lawyer but I think he will not be able to do anything.

    I wonder if anybody gets caught in this stupidity ??

  133. Cirsty says:

    Hi all
    my father in-law got this letter too but as we have rellies in spain you got a litte sucked in until i found this page he now calls him self David Ramos of Ramos & Associates in Patida La Comma Spaintried calling them thought to investigate a little further on google lucky
    now the big question do i tell the Out laws ??? maybe i should just egg them on a little first lol no be a good girl
    thanks all

  134. James says:

    I received my letter in Scotland today. Checked out address online and David Thomson Jr is a partner in Equity Law, Toledo. I contacted them at and received this response:-
    Thanks for your mail, David is a partner here and now works with his father at Thomson and associates, please reach him on his private email or Denisa DorkryLLB/MBA
    Maybe the scam is that he is receiving some sort of payment for every e-mail he receives.

  135. Sarah and Stephen says:


    we live in new zealand and we recieved the same letter today
    does this guy get off on this kinda stuff…

    i dont understand how he got our details as we arent published in the phone book or anythink… maybe from somewhere we think is ok are actually not ok??? makes ya think huh?

  136. Amber says:

    My partner/fiance received the letter today. But I immediately say ‘throw it away’ anyway (to any of these types of letters/emails). Just thought we’d google it to see how many others had received it. And wow there are alot of people on here! I wonder if anyone’s fallen from it.
    We live in Otorohanga, New Zealand. :)

  137. Graham says:

    Hi, my husband got a letter today, from this scammer, and this site is what we found. So he’s still at it, we have no idea how he would have got our name or address, we live in the back blocks of New Zealand.

  138. paul says:

    im from new zealand and recieved same letter today 22/6/08

  139. veronica nz says:

    Hello everybody, seems that same familiar letter is still going around, i recieved mine this morning. Thanks for your input i look forward to his reply.

  140. New Zealand says:

    Well thats the closest to 22million dollars i’ll ever get, I live on the west coast of the north island in Taranaki.
    I recieved this letter today 23rd of june, but it was sent to my old address funny thing is the LAST NAME hes talking about is my married name and my husband is from holland???????????????????
    What a ass F*#%er…
    i’ll be one of those people flodding his E-mail address and taking it to someone to help catch this DOG!!!

  141. Emita says:

    23 June 2008
    He’s back trying in New Zealand, my husband got a letter today, with a Spanish postmark. Got quite excited till I found this website.

  142. PhilD says:

    Me too, got the exact same letter today in Sydney Oz. He must have got my address from the local phone directory cos the initials used in the letter are unique to our listing.
    Now I know it’s a scam, but what’s in it for him?
    He wants to get me to sign a promissory to give him half of 22mil yeah?
    But if we assume he doesn’t have the 22 mil to start with, then how can he make $$$?
    Intersted in understanding how these scam things work……

  143. Cathy K says:

    It’s still going the rounds – got it by snail mail in New Zealand – exactly the same as dave (above). Has been interesting and amusing reading all of your comments!! Just think, without receiving the letter I would have missed out on an hour’s entertainment!!! Thanks to you all and I hope no-one is taken in by this.

  144. Not conable says:

    Is this guy for ‘real’. Recieved letter tody and surfed the net and found this page, not that I was going to reply, but rather just curious like a cat. Can’t believe that this letter has gone so ar, across the world, and yet this ‘delightful’ individual has not yet been caught up with. I live in a small country town in South Australia and would like to ind out how he got my address, like so many others. Will keep an eye on this web site as am enjoying the break from mundane matters.
    Cheers from one who will not be conned!!!!!!

  145. Hi every1 we are in NZ and received the letter today 24 06 08 we should all travel to madrid together and see wat he does then lol

  146. anna says:

    David must be getting a bit desperate by now; my dad got one yesterday (26 june), and we live in tasmania. I don’t knwo why he’s bothering with this, he must be spending more time and money than he’s actually making, trying to find us all like this. He’s not very smart either. If he really wanted 11 million dollars, he’d go to more effort in his spelling. Also, i have no idea how he got our address coz in the phone book it’s wrong! and besides, if this guy really had died, my dad would not be getting the money because we DO have other relatives out there that would be more entitled to it than we are.

  147. louise Victoria.Australia says:

    My husband and I were scammed by this horrible man . i cry every night and I wish I could turn back time . We have a sheep farm and have been in the worst drought . This has hit us very badly . I wish we could catgh him.
    We received the same letter and He claimed to be from He has a mate from London Alfred Breakwell.
    If you would like to talk to me .I would love to talk to you. I have my sheep rings ready to administer when we pin the bastard down.
    my husband and I are very depressed and if I didnt have 3 beautiful boys I would shot myself. Your are a low life bastard David lopez,Thompson. also Nanny Dubby. PH 001134650342181. Fax 001134912919523.

  148. Small Town Sask says:

    My parents received this letter dated June 6, 2008 and they are in a small town in Saskatchewan in CANADA. This is like a “really bad chain letter” making its way around the world. I am glad my parents had the smarts to give this letter to me to check out first. It seems this guy has no limits. We aren’t going to respond, even as a joke. The letter was sent from David Thomson Jr.

    Looks like he has a new e-mail though OR His private phone is +34620772204. I’m not sure this is even a phone number but I have a friend living in Spain so I am going to get her to call it and see. The FAX number is +34912919523.

    Hope everyone continues to stay away from this scam ad use this website to alert others of this fraud.

  149. Kiwi says:

    Thank god for this website. Like everyone else we thought there were a lot of pieces that didnt fit and we’re searching the web for info.
    We could not locate any of the business’s physical address’s on google earth and this confirmed our suspcions. Then we found this site, well i feel sorry for the guy what a sad f###k someone needs to take him out. I wonder how many people have actually parted with the cash????? You might have to start watching your back David dickhead or who ever you are. The world gets smaller every day.
    You will be caught.

  150. Anna says:

    We all agree this is a scam, but what is he getting out of this? Does anyone know?Please reply!

  151. F Morgan says:

    My husband received exactly the same letter as published above.
    We went as far as getting sent the death certificate for this Frederick chap, as did some of our neighbours whom we found out also received this letter (all different surnames) and this Frederick has a surname to match every recipient of the letter. Death cert is exactly the same as for everyone except for surname.
    It seems Frederick has death certificates in multiple names.All the same certificate number and same photo.

  152. Leah says:

    Hi everyone,
    Have just received the same letter as everone else from a David Thomson Jr, – WHAT A JERK – He certainly has nothing between his ears. He will get caught – those who laugh last, laughs longer. Get a life you Jerk.

  153. alison new zealand says:

    ok guy i went as far as i could go with this letter from david thomson now after emails and faxs this is the one i recieved this morning from PROSEGUR FINANZAS Y SEGURIDAD SA vault and security BARCELONA spain.

    RE: Inheritance Claim Code 32XFD1MS APPOVAL

    After the recipient of the requested document and consistent communication with Barr-David L Thomson, We are pleased to imform you that our legal department has issued a report and your application for the release of consignment (22,000,000$) deposited with us by your cousin Mr Frederick M Murtagh has finally been approved for release to you.
    We request your advice on your most preferable form of release which is eitherby cash or wire tranfer.
    Be advised that it is in line with our inheritance payment release procedure for the deceased next of kin/beneficiary to be present in our office to sign necessary documents to witness physical cash inspection and counting procedure.

    We advice you to arrive at our vault department in MADRID on or before the 7th july2008.
    You are advised to make arrangements for the following under listed items while coming to spain to avoid any delay in the process of releasing the said consignment.

    1. Form of identity (Passport or Drivers licence)

    2. Two copies of recent passport size photograph.

    3. Amount of 8,200 Euros for official endorsemen and consignment insuravce fees to be paid only in our office (This is the sole responsibility of the next of kin)

    4. Letter of Administration from the Probate division of the high court, name you as the next of kin to the decesed. (IMPORTANT)

    Please advice us on your date of arrival to enable us complete every arrangement in respect of our meeting.
    Congratulations again.

  154. millionaire says:

    Cant figure out what or how he gets anything out of this

  155. Lucy Belvedere says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I just received the same letter as well and I live in Toronto, Canada!!! This person is not only sick, but has nothing else to do with his time. A real piece of work!!!

  156. martha says:

    I just receivied the letter here in canada glad i chose to google it

  157. we a family says:

    hi to all my new brothers,sisters,uncles,aunties,cousins,etc,etc,etc,etc spread the word about david conman espaniola jr or whatever his name is this week i also wonder what his angle is when he gets people there in spain i also agree flood his email string him along may him pay in any way maybe hes mates with mugabe anyway luv to all my new inherited family let us all know of any 22mill parties goin on

  158. roy says:

    david Thomson is still at it! I received my letter today in central west new south wales. It was “posted” 25/6 08 in Madrid! Think I will take it to the local radio tomorrow

  159. New Zealand Benefactor says:

    YOU FOOLS!!!!! I’m going to get the lot because noone else believes in the faith of the believers!!! I could do with $11million U.S. even if the “lawyer” gets the other 1/2.

    This guy is just scum, and it’s a pity we can’t castrate him and his mates for running this scam as he hides behind anonymity!!!!


  161. hi everyone i just got sucked into this fool david thompson or whatever his name is
    in his letter he told me that i have fivedays to get to spain and i have to pay $8200.00
    before i can get my money
    i e-mail that fool and told him i will not pay the money and im not flying to spain
    but he wont take no for and answer
    i will check my e-mail 2moro to see what i has writen
    so everyone hold on to your seats the fun has only began

  162. Realist says:

    Another letter reached Germany.
    Hello my whole unknown big family!

  163. Teutonia says:

    Another letter reached Germany.
    Hello to my whole new big unknown family.

  164. Podolski says:

    My father got one yesterday. He is 77 years old and nearly got an heart attack when opening the letter from”thomson and lawyers”. then he called me, i googled this site and called him back…no longer any danger for my Daddy…:-)

    Gretings from Germany

  165. Kiwi July 2008 says:

    Just got this in post yesterday an thought I would see what the net would tell me.
    I recieved it at a holiday house addres in Rural delivery area. The only other post I get here is crap from readers digest. When I set up the mail service I had to list just a few details about my self for NZ post to keep on record. I am a bit annoyed that some how that Database has slipped into not such honest hands.
    Take this as a warning David Thompson is probably sitting in nigera looking at an atlas and data base and thinking kiwi’s chase the odd sheep we might be as stupid as we are boring!!
    Look Out David!

  166. not-even-ow says:


  167. not-even-ow says:


  168. maumau says:

    hi.. my mother get a letter yesterday and we thought that we answer with a mail to him. so we get another mail that he wants the promissory note and my mother written back that she is a mother and there are so many backlegs in the world and she want to have a guarantee that it is true.
    well now i looked at her mail order and he wrote back…

    “Thanks for your,i do understand your point as a mother as i am a father of 2boys too, please note that this is 120% clean, i am a lawyer so i can not afford to do something wrong. Sign the promissory note and fax it to me, thanks”

    … i don`t have any comments to his mail only that he sucks

  169. louise Victoria.Australia says:

    I am getting emails from people that are going to spain , I can not beleive it. We were sucked in bad and I can tell you what goes on . Go to spain , He will not met you at the airport. you wait in a hotel which you pay for . He meets you ,takes you to see the money. You speak to a so-called gov person . They say the money will be transfered. but it never does. David rings you and says the spainish gov wont release the funds because it is so much,. you pay more money to get it transfered to London . Then they ask you to pay for an ici form .Which does not exist .More money and lots of it . then they say yes the funds will be in your bank in 72hours. It does not come and then they say you have to pay probate tax. more money. and on and on it goes. If we had the money my husband would love to go to Spain and caught this guy. Because he has met him . Anyone out there interested in bringing this bastard down. You all talk about getting him . Well why don’t we. This has taken a lot all guts to talk about this and our life and plans are stuffed. This really happened to us . you can contact me at . This is not a joke we really did lose a lot of money. And I know we are very stupid. We just need a policeman dressed in plain clothes and a few of us to get this guy. Plus the Spainish Police too. Some people taking photos. a microphone. a tracker . We could do it . I know my husband would love to caught him but we are broke now so . please can anyone help us. I know we won,t get our money back but to stop this David person would be just great. I am just so greatful that my husband did not get kidnapped in Spain or put his hand in the trunk and find bricks. he has a hundred dollar bill from the trunk full of money. Incredible. yours Sincerely . Louise C.

  170. Germany says:

    Unbelievable, since the beginning of the year he is trying this.

    In my letter he invented a new name to circumvent Google search, called himself : David T Duddias

  171. Sascha says:

    Hello, all together. This fake-letter is just a great nonsense. The luckiest men in this story are the postmen, cause they earn their money because of this letters…..
    Put the letter in your camin and join….

    Greetings from Germany, lower saxony, Melle!

  172. sandra says:

    we also got those letters here in Minden/north rhine westfalia/Germany.

    seems to be quite a busy guy… :D :D

  173. Canada says:

    Looks like David (now Ramos) has moved to Spain, he’s still sending the same letter as everyone else got. But now he is willing to split the millions 75/25% what a deal eh!!! Has he asked anyone for money upfront? If not I don’t know what his con would be?

  174. Lloyd nz says:

    i recieved it today in New Zealand. All the same as already noted by all of you. Another Nigerian scam i believe. Need to get the cops to put a stop to this. The letter this time did look more genuine than most that i have seen in the past. Just hope nobody gets caught with this one. Cheers

  175. G. M. says:

    Very interesting and funny:
    A person with the same last name died.
    But Mr. David T Duddias does not know which my first – or my last name is!

    Greetings from Germany!

  176. ned says:

    I recieved the same letter in new zealand on the 6 july, letter dated 21.6.08.
    I thought it was dodgy from the beginning (if only it was that easy)
    this con seems to be going on for a while hope no one actually falls for it.
    thanks to every one for posting a warning hope this guy gets stoped soon.

  177. Johan says:

    Amazing – I just googled his fax number and the first hit was this blog – thank you all-

    by the way, he promised me only 50% – cheapskate!

  178. Kerri NZ says:

    What do you know – received today at our rural delivery address, a letter from David T Duddias, Thompson & Lawyers! Thanks to you people who posted your info here I was immediately able to confirm suspicions that this was total crap – pity, a half share of 22mil would have come in quite handy…

  179. Rampton says:

    hello everyone
    Me father also got one of the letters and we new it was a con from the start but what we have been doing is trying to con the bastard back and screw him over, and after reading everyones comments we are also wonting to met this guy face to face hahahahaha how fucking dumb does he think we are

  180. jamo says:

    Hi everyone! Recieved same letter from David Duddias today 10th July. Thanks for the headsup! What a scam.

  181. Jeanbab56 says:

    J’ai reçu la même lettre ce matin, là c’est David Duddias, mais le scénario est identique . Bravo à ce forum pour désamorcer de telles escroqueries.

  182. louise Victoria.Australia says:

    Is someone going to get this son of a bitch or are you all just going to talk about it.

  183. recent target says:

    Hello, I just got off the phone withh David Ramos of Spain. He sounds very very nice and very very convincing. I decided to look him up on the web and found this information. Thank you all for your efforts. I am not going to Spain but I was about ready to book a flight! Wow he is such a scam. I will be willing to help anyone to help stop this guy.

  184. lisa says:

    Hello to all my brand new relatives!

    Needless to say I to recieved a letter from David T Duddias. I knew it was a scam right from the start was going to bin my letter and then our employee turned up with the same letter, funny i didn’t even no we were related, so thought we may as well have a we play with him, go the same first email as everyone else, asked him to tell me more about mt so called relative and his reply was:
    Thanks for your mail, they is nothing to explain than all i’ve sent you, but if you have any questions please call me

    David T D
    Alternative email:

    Very sorry to hear what you went through Louise. I hope some one catches the low life son of a b@#*h.
    Going to check out your link now winsome

  185. ANDREA says:

    I got the letter this week (Date 05/07/08). I live in Germany. Isn’t there any possibility to stop this guy?
    Dear Louise, I am very sorry for what happened to you. I really would like to help you but I don’t know what I can do.
    Does anyone showed this letter to the police?

  186. Gemma says:

    Wow I am so glad i googled this guy. We to got this letter in New Zealand and thought it was a scam from the very start with the spelling errors and everything. Its unbelievable someone would actually do this.

  187. Sandra says:

    Hi I have just received the very same letter from David T Duddias. I too immediately thought it a scam so went to Google and it brought me to this site. I am surprised he is still trying this scam considering it is now into its 5th month and that there is publicity about it through sites like this. I am in New Zealand so I guess he is working his way around the world. I’m going to fax the letter to the police.

  188. Hannah says:

    Hi, we to received this letter and we are from New Zealand. I am in the process to reporting this looser to the authorities. I am also sending this to the papers over here to help people who may believe this rubbish. The more we publicise this twit the more we can stop him.

  189. Sanny says:

    Hallo aus Deutschland!
    Habe heute auch dieses Schreiben erhalten.
    Ich frage mich gerade was fr Nchte die Leute ohne Internet nach diesem Brief haben?
    Na hoffentlich fallen nicht zu viele darauf rein!
    Wir habe jedenfalls schon schn unsere Witze darber gemacht.
    Grsse aus LE

  190. Jason says:

    Hi All. Just wanted to note another email from David received in Northern New South Wales, Australia. Details used are,
    Name, David T Duddias from Thompson & Lawyers.
    Email: or
    Pretext: Deceased client in auto accident. 22Million up for claim. Contacted because LAST NAME is same a deceased.

  191. Jean-Pierre says:

    Hi all around, we received this letter today in France. No more to say…

  192. Omorocco says:

    Hi all,

    The scam has apparently reached Harvey Western Australia.
    The author of this obvious con is going by the name of ‘Tobias T Duddias’ over here.
    I have no idea how the moron thinks he can get away with this, especially with how widespread it has become.
    I’m e-mailing a copy of the letter to our local paper, hopefully that will stop anyone around here being duped.
    I hate the thought of that loser getting some trusting persons money.

  193. Philippe says:

    …and one more received in France today!

  194. espritkarine71 says:

    Bonjour à toute la grande famille.
    J’ai recu ce matin une lettre de David T Duddias en France…
    merci à ce forum

  195. Anne says:

    Je viens également de recevoir le courrier de cet individu qui se fait appeler maintenant DAVID T DUDDIAS
    Flairant l’escroquerie, j’ai néanmoins consulté pages jaunes et oranges de l’annuaire espagnol. Evidement, rien!
    Il semble cependant qu’il existe un site pour Thomson:http// http://www.thomsoneu .com
    dont notre individu a quelque peu modifié le nom en Thompson & Lawyers en palce de Thomson & Associates.SA, ainsi que des modifications sur les n° de fax. Quant à la ville, il omet évidement de la mentionner.
    Poue ma part, je transmet ce courrier à la police française, espagnole etc… et conseille à chacun de faire de même afin de tenter de mettre fin à la “carrière” de cet escroc

  196. Victoria says:

    J’ai aussi reçu cette lettre, et je suis allée voir sur internet: apparemment une escroquerie!! Merci à ce site de nous en avertir, et surtout ne répondez pas à ce charlatant!

  197. reçu lettre datée du 12/7/2008. je viens d’en avoir la traduction et suis allé sur votre site. Pas très surprise quoique 11millions meme des dollars cela ne se refuse pas.
    Mais la forte odeur d’arnaque était présente.
    C’est donc pour moi David T Duddias, le fax est toujours le meme 34912919523
    mais nouveau phone 34620772204 et mails voisins et dth
    Je vais comme vous partir à la gendarmerie avec ce courrie.
    Merci à ce site d’exister

  198. Kristina says:

    … and another letter received in Northern New South Wales today… :-)

  199. Bruno - France says:

    reçu cette lettre datée du 12/07/2008 dans le sud de la France. Surpris. Après recherches, j’ai trouvé ce blog. La supercherie paraît se poursuivre…
    Merci à tous

  200. Raewyn says:

    Well I live in Little old New Zealand and do you know what ,I had a long lost family member in Madrid that died in that same car pile up, and wow they left me 22 million in my name,,,wow the excitment….lol. Shows you that they can get there scams ALL over the world.

  201. Ron says:

    …. and in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia the next day ….

    Isn’t the internet great for checking this kind of thing out, you learn a bit too. The office for lease at 62 Pintor Lorenzo Casanova (which is a street in Madrid) looks quite nice from the photos, but a pity that the street front photo didn’t show the neighbouring properties, particularly 66 where Thompson and Lawyers operate from. The neighbourhood may not be that good though because I did note an ‘adult’ shop just up the road at number 12, not the kind of thing you’d expect a few door down from a top flight law firm… or maybe you would….lol !!

  202. Ben says:

    .. and one recieved today in Wales, David Thompson again.

  203. ines says:

    the letter from this “lawyer” arrived at my friends home… it’s such a joke, i can’t understand, how the person got the adress…

  204. Melanie says:

    this letter was received on 21/06/08
    in thunder bay, ontario, canada!!!
    22 million…glad no one was stupid enough to give this jerk any of their info.

  205. Debbie says:

    Received a letter today in Victoria Australia
    David T Duddias from Thompson & Lawyers (No letter head)
    What gave it away as a scam was the fact that he takes half and the letter is also unsigned. I am going to take it to the police

  206. horseboy_fg says:

    nobody wants the 22 million $ ????
    I got today also the letter of David Thompson in Freiberg/Saxony (Germany

  207. maria says:

    Well i recieved the letter back in june, my husband and i flew over to spain as we are desedence of migrants from that area.. it sounded to good to be true..yes but we didnt know as we could of had family in spain.. any way we were taken to a safe house to view the money and saw the 22mil in a safe box we filled out paperwork and then pleaded poor and returned to was the most scarest experience of my life and the bastard is as black as and as smooth as u can get..Fortuately we only lost the 8200euros and our flights but we were willing to loose that..still sucks.. i have a meeting with the Western Australian paper on monday to show everything i have.. i have documents that he touched and his staff so hopefully they can get finger prints.. I dont want anymore people to loose so hopefully every paper in australia will get on board.

  208. Leanne says:

    Many thanks to you all. Surely this documentation alone is valuable evidence for the Spanish Police.
    I too received letter. Shepparton Victoria, Australia.

  209. Colin Timmons says:

    Got a letter today from David (LOL).
    Anyhow, at least his prepared english is almost getting better. He has to learn to not use Capitals in sentences and to use prepositions such as “..but immediately upon you getting in touch with me..” or something similar.

    He should change the date from March 2003 to something under the last six months, though this scam letter of an accident could easily be verified on the web. Why six months? From the taxation centre in Spain:

    In the case of acquisitions resulting from death, including those of beneficiaries of life insurance policies, the filing deadline is 6 months from the date of death.

  210. julian says:

    hi im in oz, western australia .reseved it to this guy in from spain,Pintor Lorenzo Casanova.this is a big scam .DONT BE FOOLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. Tecco says:

    Wow, there I’m researching in the Internet to find out about that mysterious letter of “David Thompson” and here you all are, supposedly sharing the same last name with my grandma….(what I doubt somehow *lol*). She got it on July 19 and I was wonderin’ why this guy knew her adress, even though she’s living in a small provincial town in the middle of nowhere (Germany). And her English is way worse than that of the swindler…..But nice to know that the whole world seems to have gotten that letter….I’m thinking about writing him an email and bluntly asking why he’s doing that crap to fool the people…..Do you guys think that’d get me somewhere? Anyhow, if I’m gonna try I’ll let you know what he answered.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  212. sharon says:

    hi all you lucky peeps who got davids letter.lmao!!!!! my mum recieved hers today 30th july in scotland. it`s a real shame that people must be getting drawn in by this man, how else can he afford to keep it up, and why else would he keep going.
    please put an add in your local paper to warn others around you, it could be someone close to you that falls for it!!!!

  213. thomas says:

    i got this letter too, for anybody who wants to know more before enter his own comment here, please contact me for information:
    I call or writte you asap back. Want to arrest him! Especially hope for Maria (July, 25th) to answer me. I will not write more here! We need help together!

  214. Ralf says:

    .. so now he goes on fishing in Berlin, Germany. Thank you for your information!

  215. My fellow bros cuzzie and relies says:

    Yes Kia Ora To you all As we all were conflicted with this mans high attitude of sickness. Really what would you do at the chase of being 11,000000 richer well lets hope he,s had his buzz and is frying in his own mistake. Of course we must all have speculated the spelling mistakes in his letters. I do hope they catch the sick perverted person who prayed on peoples inocents

  216. Maria says:

    God this guy is good. My dad received the same letter. What can we do to this con man . I feel very sorry to the people he has conned.

  217. karen says:

    Hi I recieved a letter from this David Thompson over here in OZ looks like he does get around, and I did email him and got the same email back as the rest of you thought it was to good to be true.

  218. VK says:

    yes, another one. this time ibiza/spain

  219. Gifted says:

    I work at a regional library in NSW Australia and we just got this letter via fax!

  220. Tahlee says:

    ‘David’ is at it again.
    This time in Victoria, Australia.
    My mum got the same letter as everyone else.
    I thankfully reqestsed her to google it before she took it further.
    We are now strining David along
    Whats more enetertaining that leaving him thinking he’ll get all this money.
    Hope everyone gets onto this site before they start sedning him anything!!
    Thanks for your help everyone
    I seem to have a bit of family I never knew about hehehe

  221. Brian says:

    1/9/08 letter dated

    New name (David Ramos) of RAMOS & ASSOCIATES S.L FROM SPAIN

  222. Vince says:

    Hi, from Brisbane Australia.

    My wife received the same type of unsigned letter today with a Madrid post mark and about an unclaimed $22 million left by a client killed in a car smash Mar 2005 and whose surname is the same as my wife’s married name.
    We immediately knew it was a scam and my Google search, finding this site, has confirmed it.
    The sender was not David Thompson but Aaron Ager, claiming to be a barrister for Thomson & Associates, Toledo, Spain.
    Aaron’s contact details: Ph +34 676 420 052,

  223. Jess says:

    Hi, I am from New South Wales in Austrlia.

    My Dad yesterday received this letter about a car crash in Madrid, who had the same LAST NAME as my Dad.

    He found us in the White and Yellow pages that we are not in?

    How does this work, Ia m taking it to the authorities to further deal with this guy, who is supposeably Barr. Aaron J. Ager from Thomson & Associates S.A Soliciter and Investigations Agent.

    He doe snot seems to know English very well or how to put sentences in correctly to make sense.

    I woudl not mind 11 million, maybe we should all still get some.

    In his words I GUARENTEE he will get screwwed over sooner or later and his little shack on the Nile or wherever will be invaded hahaha.

    Keep up the good work :)

  224. Jess says:

    From the looks of that comment I can’t out words together either haha

    His detail for me were-+34676420052 Fax-34-911311868 private or


    What a loser

  225. Jess says:

    My boyfriend just got a similar letter via fax saying his company owes money to the Nigerian Fereal Policia?

  226. Michelle says:

    Hello from Maryborough QLD. I too received this letter from Aaron Ager and i would love to get a hold of this scumbag. I hope he doesn’t suck anyone in.

  227. g.duddy says:

    hi guys
    received letter from our wonderful guardian money angel sent on 15-09-08 so still out there posting, hope this is costing him so far, shoe leather if anything.
    any way once again same 22million$ barristor Aaron ager, thanks google for this site.

    by the way, has there been any reponse from local police in your areas to take any notice of this so called parrasites scam, if so please lets us know, only seems to be a lot of saying and not doing if you want to squeeze this guy.
    `someones going to get left hanging.

  228. e... says:

    hey everyone!
    just leting you in on my suspicions……

    i live in australia, so far it has been to usa, nz, scotland, ireland, canada, germany and japan

    my father got this letter .. its strange that his father didnt get it.
    the phone numbers and email adresses on the letters dont match to fake website
    the stingy ‘hello freind” on the first letter suggesting its been sent out to other people.
    the envelope is heaps suss anbd scary
    “federick martin” happens to be the dead relitives name for everyone! only a change in the surname
    the letters one and two state the same stuff as other recivers
    dodgey spelling
    english fake names even though they are supposedly from spain
    institue will only communicate via email or fax suggesting they are hiding something
    the alledged car crash happened 5 years prior to the publishing of the fake website
    here are some of the identities used in this scam: david thomson, david thomson jnr, aaron ager, george martinez, phillip nicols, david t lopez

    these are just a few things i have picked up along the way of this research. hope it comes in handy to other people.

  229. maria says:

    hello all my long lost rellies, received the letter 16/9/2008 and the letter was dated 1/9/2008 and the postmark was 8/9/2008 but the interesting part is the postage inprint was cancelled 12/9/2008. (it came a long way, as I live in australia,in a very short time.) so i think this one was posted in australia. Looking forward to a family reunion……..

  230. sherry says:

    Hey Ya’ll from Alabama (USA)

    who knew a Barrister from Spain would be my knight in shining armor come to rescue me from all my financial woes……..

    so sorry to all the others who thought they had 11 mill. NO NO its MINE! all MINE!
    ha ha…………..

  231. aron says:



  232. Matt says:

    22mil!! Matt from Victoria Australia was sucked in too, but checked a bit further on the net and found this site, lucky ! I rang this Aaron Ager and in spain could hardly understand his english but he assured me it was all good, so I signed the promissory note, he sent me a letter to send to the department of Vault & Claims, they sent me a letter wanting me to provide a death certificate and certificate of deposit issued to Frederick Martin, which Aaron is sending to me, this is when I found out it is a big #@%$n scam, I’ll send the certificates and see what happens, not going to Spain as Aaron 18 September did, sorry mate you had to do that for all of us.

    Just reading some of these letters if you google Thomas & Associates this Aaron Ager is in the list of attorneys

  233. LIZ says:


  234. LIZ says:


  235. roberta says:

    i to got this scammers mail the sad thing is that i have relatives in spain that i have been unable to contact for a few years i am taking this further to the federal police and also the tv station and they can investigate

  236. Wot a Scam – BEWARE !!!! He’s Now calling himself David Ramof
    I received a letter. I think the Feds or someone should take this scum bag down.

  237. Geoff Pearce says:

    CRIKEY!!! This little beauty has really been doin the rounds. My mother got a letter today saying that it was her relative that died and that she was to get 75% of USD $34,000,000. all because of the LAST NAME. Her last name is WILLIAMS. CRIKEY!!! Do you realise how many WILLIAMS are in the phone book? As soon as everybody wakes up to the fact that NOBODY gives MONEY away, the better. In poor Arons case, I am lost for words as to why you would have to hand over 200 grand if you were owed 34 mill. AND why would you have to give this schmuck 25%? But as the old saying goes, “There’s one born everyday.”

  238. If you have lost money with this barstard. Write to me and I can give you some very good information about David -lopez-thompson. The more people that have been scammed by this son of a bitch who send their paperwork to their police Deptment and file a report. It will go to interpol and then to the Spainish police. He will be charged with a lot of money theft and The spainish police will take more notice. If he is only charged with small amonts of money. He will get off. PLEASE send in your paperwork to the police. And lets nail this PRICK. You are not alone I was scammed very badly. So I am not going to let this rest.

  239. Tim says:

    Hello my name is Tim Z. i’m from Germany,
    I also got a letter like you. A guy called David Johnson ( not Thompson) promised me the half of 22 million $ because someone died in a car accidant in spain.
    At first it also irrated me… I mean i’d like to earn 11 million $ but because of the losing adress of me directly on the letter i think it’s a copy that is sent all over the world.
    I definetly have no relatives in spain and my last name is also located in my town 3 times. So it’s very curios.
    I thank you for your informations because of this forum I’m sure that it is a fake.

  240. Thomas says:

    Hello from Germany.
    I became Yesterday this obscure Letter.
    Now he have a new Identety :
    David Johnson jr (Jhonson & Lawyers)
    Email: OR
    He have 3 Fax-Numbers LoL
    And is now from Salamanca Spain

    Reagards Thomas

  241. Dan says:

    Hi from Germany,

    today my wife received this con-letter

    dated 24/10/08
    “David Johnson Jr.”
    “Johnson & Lawyers”
    Paseo Carmelitas, 67
    37002 Salamanca
    Fax: +34912919523 / +34911311810
    Private Phone +34690376654
    Email: OR

    Go Get Him!!!

  242. Vanessa says:

    Hello from >>France

    We ‘ve juste received that letter
    the adress is Paseo Carmelita, 67
    37002 SAlamanca
    00 34 91 29 19 523
    00 34 911311810
    Do you know whath is the risk ?
    The most strange it’s how did they got our address ?

    I hope that nobody has got problem ?
    But you could be sure that is a fake.

    Si vous recevez ce type de lettre du cabinet “johnson & lawyers” ne repondez pas !


  243. Boris says:

    Hey guys,
    I`m from Germany too and I get the same letter. It is sure that it is a fake.

    Thank you for this side, because this helped me. I think we must make it popular, so that every peopel can see that this news are a fake!!!

  244. Ian says:

    I received the latest version of this letter in the mail recently [Bendigo Aust.] Same scam with a few adjustments. His name is now Loius Bechtle a barrister in Spain. He is obviously providing more detailed/accurate information based on these letters which he is obviously reading. He is certainly persistant but obviously alittle dumb & not very successful. The copy of the death certif he sent me had a photo of the deceased looking very happy & well fed – a little strange I thought. I have played along with eveything except parting with any cash. I suggested he can pay the 8,200 Euros ins fees & I will reimburse him when we settle.
    Cheers Ian

  245. Sam says:

    Same fake letter Perth Aust

  246. steffi from Germany says:

    Hello, I received the same letter. But it`s so many unclear that I ask my soliciter. He find out what I`ve tought. Send fax as David form Prosegur, speaks bad english and wants in end 8200 Euro cash before you get deposit, no way!
    I`m not angry this all brougth me, my parents and my husband a week full of dreams.
    We have tought why not it cost nothing so lets see, mail per mail you hope more and more. Dreams that we can make the life little better for my familie and have little money to spend. But in the end you have nothing without dreams, your work and family. Be happy if you can dream, and dont`t lose money for a flight or insurence for the deposit.Hope no one more looses money for a dream.
    OK I`m little angry that he plays with us all such a big ashole. Hope he gets sometimes the bill.
    But never lose you brain and dreams!!!!!!!!!!

  247. steffi from Germany says:

    He is still writing me and wants me to come to pain. Has anyone an idee what we can do to stop him? Should I meet him with the police in Spain or should I only tell the police about it? I´m so sorry for all people who payed the “insurence” I`´m happy to read this page.Otherwise I`ll be in spain next Mo 11th. nov and think in a bank what could happend! stupid but if you think you can win. What a ashole but he is not stupid, makes mistakes sure but in tjis time you don`t see it with clear eys.

    So what can I do he waits for an answer, help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  248. Sherry says:


    Got the same letter in Canada from David Johnson Jr.

    Such a scam, I am going to report this to the authorities. Thanks for this site.

  249. scott says:

    Got the same letter from david johnson jr yesterday 06/11/08 dated 24/10/08. i have googled the vault name and found quite a few sites with the same letter but from different named people and companys but all the same. What a looser. messing with peoples minds not funny.

    letter made it to north qld Australia

    wierdest thing it was addressed to my work place. How does he know were i work?
    I will be taking it to the authoroties to see if there is a way of finding this dude so some of us can play with his mind and see if he likes it

  250. siobhan says:

    i live in northern ireland and my father has just recieved a similar letter from david johnson. Its obviously a scam, although he is persistant and has sent letters to many countries in the world.

  251. Steve says:

    Hi From Ontario, Canada received the same letter from David Johnson Jr of Spain. What a scam.

  252. Natalie says:

    My mother in law recieved this letter as well from David Thompson! Sad thing is she did fly over to Spain and did a financial transaction into his accounts. Surprise, Surprise he asked for more money! We realise that she will not get her money back but I am prepared to go as far as I have to, to get this man exposed and give him the justice he deserves. Can you all help me by informing me of who I contact and what progess any of you have made in getting the Spain Authorities involved.?? This man needs to be brought to justice and hopefully with help from the right people we can take the right steps to get him caught!

  253. Andrew says:

    Ha! how easy it is to pick a scam!
    obviously David Johnson Jr hasnt googled his own name recently!

  254. Alessandra says:

    Hi from Lugano, Switzerland! My father just received the same letter from David Johnson Jr. We were suspiciuous and it was good to find this web site!

  255. 73 Howard-Kennedy Drive says:

    Thanks for the site. The letter we received has been taken to federal authorities. Because of this SCAM that has been running, people are getting hurt and especially in this time of hardship. People cannot afford to lose money. Queensland, Australia.

  256. Sergei from Canada says:

    Hi brothers!
    I’ve got the same later from from David Johnson Jr. As I understand, he likes small rural cities, there are a lot of old nice trustful people, and this is a hope for them. This guy for sure, works under local authority protection, and to catch him, I believe, you should do private investigation and punish him by your own.

  257. John says:

    I have just recieved a letter the same ,however he has changed his name to David Johnson Jnr.. This guy is a con

  258. Julie says:

    From the Gold Coast Australia my husband received this scam letter today from David Johnson & Lawyers, Salamanca Spain. We knew straight away this was a scam with its unofficial looking letter. If you believe in karma this or these wankers will get their “just desserts” I just wish I could be there when he or they go down.

  259. Nola says:

    We just recieved this letter. Devon Uk. Not a very bright guy is he? I can’t understand why no criminal proceedings have begun towards this person. I dread to think how many innocent people have fallen for his scam. He needs his ass putting in jail or his fingers cut off to prevent him from sending any more of these letters!

  260. Robert Fey says:

    I also received a letter from David Johnson Jr.
    The same 50% from 22 million $. Email and Fax numbers.
    A real bummer, we all can use the 11 million $.
    I’m still lucky with what i have, and that is not the possible shit what you can get from this “David” organization.

    I wish you all happy day’s and a good new year at the end of next month.

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  261. Bob says:

    My mother received the letter from David Johnson & Lawyers Salamanca Spain.We looked and found the website but he didn’t appear in the Salamanca phonebook.I was curious and suspicious and I called the number in the letter.”David Johnson”answered the phone and asked to send a mail.I received a mail in very poor english and we all know what he likes me to do.Well I did and reported the whole thing to Peter R de Vries known from the Natalee Holloway case.

  262. Hi

    My father received the same letter in November 2008, but it was off a David Johnson from Johnson & Asscoiates in Spain. Apparently this guy died in a car accident in 2005 and was a farmer and his name was a Mr Frederick M Floyd, his mother was a Lilian Floyd and his father was a Terry Floyd. They were farmers, like ourselves. However, we were quite suspicious of it from the start, but played along with him and still are. They actually want my father to fly over to Barcelona in Spain and pay 8200 euros, they’d get a job getting £5 off my dad, never mind 8200 euros..

    We are sending all the correspondence from our very kind David Johnson to the head of police in spain and head of police in the UK. So I ask of everyone that has fallen victim of this scam, please do the same, so we can get this guy in jail.

  263. davina says:

    Hi from Luxembourg,
    My friend just received the famous letter.
    Still from David Johnson jr, DON’T TRUST.
    Phone: +34690376654
    Fax: +34912919523

  264. hans says:

    from belgium,
    here also the letter from johnson
    do not reply to it

  265. Rainer says:

    I got this letter today (November 17, 2008) too, I googled “” and found this discussion. Isn’t it surprising that this man can do this trick for nearly a year now, gets money from people, and still isn’t in prison?

  266. Walter says:

    The letter is also being mailed to Holland now. I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and received it in the mail today. Of course I immediately went online and googled a random part of the letter. My first try with “” hit on this website. Amazing how long this mail has already been around. There must be some people sending this guy money, how else is he going to pay for all the postage needed to send his letter around the world. By the way, I think it’s really cool to receive some offline spam! How can we get Google to start filtering our snail mail inboxes too? :-)
    The name in the letter is still David Johnson Jr who works for Johnson & Associates in Salamanca Spain. The private phone number at the bottom is +34690376654.

  267. Professor says:

    The only one with a chance of making 22 million is the one running this scam. People are stupid, and authorities are useless, which is why even a brazen scam like this makes heaps of money. And those “clever” people who pointed out the spelling mistakes in the letter. Even a legitimate letter from a foreign firm will often contain errors. Let’s see you smart-a**es write a decent letter in something other than YOUR native tongue.

  268. Inga says:

    the same in Lithuania. A letter from David Johnson.

  269. Rienk Mebius says:

    Yesterday (November 18, 2008) I received a letter from Mr David Johnson Jr from Salamanca, dated November 10, posted in Madrid on November 13. He is reputed to be a lawyer at D. Johnson & Lawyers S.A., Paseo Carmelitas, 67 37002 Salamanca, which address should have been 67 Paseo de las Carmelitas, 37002 Salamanca, I believe. The letter contains many mistakes which are unlikely to appear in a letter by an English lawyer.
    The letter has no head, so as “Dear Mr Mebius,” or alike, which is the first indication of a crime. “breech of Law” instead of “breach of law”, “the institution have” instead of “the institution has”, and so forth. It is very suspect altogether and you should be warned. His site is but you are advised not to contact him at any time, better contact the nearest police station.
    So and now I’m off to the police station.
    p.s. I live in the Netherlands.

  270. Cecil says:

    We got a letter from David Johnson Jnr and we replied via email and got a reply from David saying Frederick, a farmer, had died in Spain. As if! Now the good part of this story is that on the same day we had a letter from another scammer saying we had some money in lost funds and they would help us get it if we paid a large fee. Well – we did have money in lost funds and we have now started the process to retrieve it without any help from any scamming Spaniards or Australians. So for any Aussies out there – go to the ASIC site and type in your name and you can see if you have any lost money for free. And now I’m off to learn Spanish so I can check out the lost money site in Spain, just to make sure Frederick didnt leave us 22 million.

  271. Ornela says:

    The letter reached Lithuania!
    My grandmother received it and allmost believed. It’s very catchy. 22million!
    It’s very good I found this website.

  272. Adrian says:

    Hi fellow recipients of correspondance from David Johnson jr. or his then or latest alias. I got a letter from this conartist piece of shit today. Standard blurb regarding 22 million dollars and the death of a relative with the same name as mine. Worse thing is I have family in Spain, so the letter upset me. His brother my father was killed ina car accident as well. It seemed almost possible. I got so upset I forgot that lawyers do not use gmail and yahoo. They also have practices that exist. I even phoned the man who seemed beleivable. To all those interested David is or has maybe been living in a hotel in Paseo Carmelitas, 67 37002 Salamanca, Spain. Thankfully my lawyer found out in five seconds that the guy was a conman. I was too busy checking whether my uncle was not dead. Iam stupid !!!

  273. Martin says:

    Hello from Norway. The letters are here too.

    Anyway, quite a cold day, suitable to burn in my wood stove.

  274. Rienk Mebius says: has gone in the mean time.

  275. Alice says:

    Ha ha! What a dodgy letterhead for a “prominent law firm”. Just got the letter here in regional Australia. What a dirtbag. Love the running commentary about the circulation of this crap. Perhaps old Davo should google himself and see just how popular he is! And is that $22mil euros? Hope its not Aussie dollars at the moment. Bahaha.

    Meanwhile my great uncle just died and ah, if you ah, have written on this blog thing he wants to give you a few $mil… So just email me your account details to and i’ll shoot it straight over. Ahem…

  276. Wim says:

    David Johnson is still active. I got a same letter for the 22 million

  277. Gabbie says:

    Yes, this David Johnson “Dirt bag” is quite a “Piece of shit” He sent my father in Shepperton, Aust one of these letters,. posted from Spain in Oct ,arrived 24 Nov. stating he was looking for people with the same name as mine etc…..strange thing was, he sent it to my fathers country address,where he doesn’t reside and not to his residential address else where…Wouldn’t you think any one with any “smarts”that was looking for a person with the same name etc… would send mail to both addresses ?Even stranger the town that the “crap”was sent to had the towns previous name and not the existing one… Where is this “Dumb arse” getting his info from? & what is he doing in OZ?… I hope you are reading this site,David who ever you are you looser.Why don’t you leave innocent people alone? and just “Piss off” you “Dick head”!

  278. Welsh Dragon says:

    Hi Everyone – the wilds of Wales have the letter too.

    And there was me thinking I was going to make easy money LOL!

    Now using Johnson & Lawyers SA – email or this guy could seriously use some spam into his email accounts.

    I like the fact he said it is a beneficiary of mine – yet as a married woman I use my married name yet he hasn’t written to hubby.

    At least we all know it’s a scam and have the sense to laugh about it.

    Forward you letters to your local Trading Standards Office if you can.

    Take care and Merry Christmas.

  279. coco gonzales says:

    Same letter received in Belgium :)
    same, all the same …
    Thanks for this site that exist !!

  280. Sue says:

    I got the same letter from David Johnson Jr. I can’t believe how long this guy has been sending these letters around the world. I knew that I had no relatives in Spain and needless to say none worth 22 mil. It is interesting to see how far his con has gone.

  281. Holland says:

    I received the letter from David Johnson today. The first thing I did was checking internet if this spam was known already. It clearly was. There are several websites that report on this spamletter.
    My letter was sent upon the 4th of december. Apparently from Spain. But he used a wrong postalcode. Normally in Holland when you put a wrong postalcode on a letter, the letter will take many days before it arrives. But now it took only 2 days.
    So I’m quite sure this letter was not sent from Spain but from Holland. And most likely from my own town. So this is not the work of one person. It can’t be – it’s more than a fulltime job. It’s a big company – a multinational.
    And don’t worry I’m afraid they earn a lot with it. Otherwise they won’t do this job for almost a whole year. On this site we only meet a few people that lost a lot of money. I’m sure there are more of them.
    What to say. Even if you went too far with David Johnson and maybe you’ll feel not only stupid or a victim but also ashamed or guilty yourself of doing so – for let’s be fair it’s also a crime of saying you’re the only one cousin of an unknown man that died from an accident in Madrid, just to get big money – go to the police. Maybe one day this kind of business will be stopped.

  282. holland says:

    Me too, I’ve got this letter from David Johnson.

  283. Hans de Ridder says:

    I got the same letter by D. Johnson in Holland on 5 december 2008 and just binned it.

  284. Phil from Melbourne says:

    A little educating for all. That it is a scam goes without saying.

    This con (by these crooks) has been circulating for over a year now and plenty have fallen victim to it – many even travelling to Spain and meeting the non spanish speaking african conman and his co horts to view the inheritance. And they have viewed a case which contains what appears to be US dollars (no one questioned why a spanish relative they never knew about stored $22,000,000 in US dollars in a tin box) – or why no one spoke spanish, or why the spanish law firm was full of africans?

    These criminals have obtained your details by legally purchasing Equity lists and other such mail out marketing lists from companies all around the world. You lost your identity when you filled out a ‘free entry’ raffle book at a local supermarket, or on line etc.. NOTHING IS FOR FREE.

    Mr LOPEZ, THOMPSON, JOHNSON, DORKRY, BECHTLE (and the various other incarnations) has sent the identical paperwork out for all of these scams (with the inherent spelling mistakes) but changes the names of the ‘deceased’ to fit in with your own identity.

    They have created what appears to be websites (thompson and associates, Johnson and Lawyers, David Lopez and associates, Equity Law firm) but those more computer literate than me advise me these are flash pages – not websites?

    And all email addresses are at Gmail or Yahoo, or live. I still laugh out loud that anyone would believe that the spanish government can be contacted at

    Although african nationals they have based themselves in Spain to exploit the actual spanish inheritance laws there which do place the burdon of taxes and fees upon the beneficiary (in actual inheritances)

    Your local police can do little more than forward everything via interpol to the spanish authorities. BUT insist that they do this. Spain needs to clean up their act and stop these crooks. If you contact the spanish authorities directly they will advise you to report it to your local police anyway.

    My sympathies to those that have lost money to this scam, but you can consider it like a world vision sponsorship – except the starving african kiddy is infact a fat african con man – and you cant claim your donation as a tax deduction.

  285. darius.hc says:

    Some weeks ago my family from Lithuania got the same letter from David Johnson jr :)

  286. Phil from Melbourne says:

    dont fall for it. What can I say

  287. Gill says:

    Just recieved this letter, we live in Devon Uk.I was very suspious of this letter as we come from a large family on both sides, and none of the other close relatives had recieved a letter, and we do not have relatives living in spain. So I am glad I looked him up on the internet, I am sure my details have been released because I got a store card from one of the leading stores, since then I have been receiving lots of junk mail, even though I ticked the box saying I did not want my details released and did not want any information from other companies. Be warned of store cards and the fact that they may give out your name and address.
    have a good christmas everyone.

  288. POPPY G. says:

    December 15th, 2008 – Greece

    I received almost the same letter from Spain from David Wilson this time. I e-mailed him back and he sent me the same reply i saw above. I am embarrassed to say i believed it for a few seconds as i have deceased relatives in Spain! What a coincidence!
    Does anyone know if we are exposed to viruses since he has our e-mail?

  289. hamburger27 says:


    first merry xmas to you all (except davy of course)

    if you read thru the whole list you will see that i was in the chain about june.
    he sees to be still at it- why? he must be dumb as i did point out that this website exists and that he is known to be a crook.

    anyway, perhaps he just likes to have emails from people?

    our police (australia) is too busy to worry about this idiot so…

    perhaps just bombard him with emails-not using your real email of course- eventually he might give up?


  290. hazel says:

    hi everyone i to recieved a letter from a david wilson from johnson and associates in madrid on the 11th of december so i replied to all of his questions and thought you just never know .but i,m just gutted i never came apone this website ,we e-maild back and forth for a few weeks and he told me time was running out i had to act fast. so i got the 8,200 euros went to madrid on the 13th of january for peace of mind ,i never actually ment him he came up we the story his father was in hospital so i had a feeling then ,he then sent his secetary for me and off we went to tjhis place i filled out a few forms but refused to pay the fees until i saw the money or they had made the transaction they took me back to my hotel and i never heard them again.i was made to think i was to inherir 22,000,000 u.s.d from a deceased fredrick wilson from a car accident in march 2005 .now that i am home i have been in touch and he just called me a stupid woman for not following his orders ,i told him my solicitor is on to him and he hung up the phone ,then he e-mailed me saying we can resolve this if you pay another 2.000 euros and transfer the rest by western union to his home address which is 112 don carlos avd madrid aspana .so entone out there who gets a letter as such put it in the bin as were not all so lucky .

  291. James says:

    First off I wonder how anyone can lose money from this scam. Before even reading a word I new it was a scam. What gave it away?

    1)My last name is never listed
    2) Spelling mistakes
    3) I worked at a law office
    4) He does not even know the name of his own company he writes Johnson and Lawyers and Johnson and Associates

    I could probably come up with another 100 or so mistakes. However what really gave it away was the first word. Anytime someone tells you, you have won money you have not.

    Besides even if you guys are stupid enough to full for it and I know some of you above did and god bless your stupid brains. However how the hell do you pay this dude money to make money.

    Are you seriously braindead? I mean fall for the scam and all thats one thing but why would anyone need to pay money if your inheriting money. That does not make any sense.

    Besides the fact its a clear fraud. Though its not like I feel great for finding this out i feel bad for all of you trumpeting around here like wow I am so smart I cracked the code. What code you should feel stupid for not being able to.

  292. neville says:

    Guess what guys – The swine has changed his name to David Wilson a partner at Johnson & Associates SA

    His line is exactly the same and his tel No is 00 34 20772204 or 00 34 690376654

    The ‘Company website’ looks real but the story is exactly thre same, even down to the deceased’s name – Frederick.

    I wonder if Interpol or someone could close the guy down, any ideas.

  293. Flonflon du Bal from FRANCE says:

    Hello folks! Our dear David Wilson from Madrid has now reached France (and as I don’t want my fellow countrymen get fooled, I will leave a few words in French to alert them. Maybe the webmaster could put this warning in French at the beginning of the above long list as I know that a lot of French do not speak English).
    As many of you, I realised it was a swindle, but I wanted to get some fun!
    So, David Wilson is now a partner of Johnson & Lawyers Espana (and there is a web site of this name, where there IS a David Wilson, son of the founder -funny enough, the father has not the same, he’s called André Johnson!) None of the phone numbers correspond to the ones he gives us and so on… I use the fax to contact him
    I have sent my prommissory note and got an answer 20 minutes after !!!
    I have now to send an application for inheritance claim as follows:

    Att; Mr Alberto Garcias
    Dept of Vault & Claims
    Avda Gran Via 177-179
    Barcelona, Spain
    Fax: + 34933807423

    Dear Sir,
    I’m ….. and maybe related to a deceased client of yours who was a victim of an accident in 2005. Mr Frederick Martins Philippe, date of birth May 21st 1947, last address as: 17 Aveneda de Barcelona, Las Matas (LOL) Madrid Spain. It is also my knowledge that my possible relative has an unclaimed deposit of $22,000,000 (Twenty two million USA Dollar)
    As a possible relation, My solicitor Barrister David Wilson is in possession of every document you might require including the Power of Appointment which empowers me to make this application as heir/beneficiary and next of kin of the deceased.
    Please accept this late application as it was due to family logistic problems consequent upon his funera rights.
    Thanks in anticipation of your cooperative response.
    (here, my name) + my fax number.

    I intend to go on, as I want to give the French police the maximum of information. I will let you know what happens…!

    AVERTISSEMENT aux internautes francais
    Une vaste escroquerie, qui a touché les US, l’Australie, l’Irlande, l’Allemagne etc…comme la liste ci-dessus vous l’a montré atteint maintenant la France.
    Il s’agit de vous faire “hériter” de 22 millions de dollars, qui seraienr en déshérence en Espagne, déposé par un riche client décédé sans testament et qui porterait le même nom que vous (mais ce nom n’est pas précisé!). Cette lettre arrive par courrier, postée à Madrid, et semble officielle -Johnson & Associates S.A, ou Johnson & Lawyers Espana. Ell est en anglais, on vous demande de la faire traduire par une personne de confiance, et vous devez prendre contact par fax ou par mail avec un David Wilson( ou – des adresses très professionnelles !!!) Il vous donne aussi un n° de tél. Attention, il existe un site web Johnson & Lawyers, mais complètement bidon où ce nom apparait comme celui du fils du fondateur.
    Si vous répondez, il vous demandera de signer et renvoyer une “promissory note” (un billet à ordre) par lequel vous acceptez de lui reverser 50% des 22 patates!
    Pour l’instant, je continue à entretenir la relation pour voir à quel moment il va me demander des sous! et quand mon dossier sera le plus avancé possible, je vais aller direct déposer tout ça au tribunal avec une plainte en bonne et due forme.
    Surtout, ne croyez pas un mot de cette histoire, c’est encore un estampage à la nigériane et destiné à faire payer les gogos! Lisez ce qu’en dit, du moins de vue légal et international Phil de Melbourne ci-dessus (ou ci-dessous, peut-être) Il dit aussi que bien des gens y ont perdu des sommes monstrueuses.

  294. Flonflon du Bal from FRANCE says:

    Le salopard mène rondement les choses: nous voici au point crucial! Outre quelques documents divers et variés, je dois avoir 8200 euros pour payer des honoraires d’assurance etc… et je dois me rendre en personne à Madrid pour les remettre en mains propres (lol) à la Prosegur etc. Le plus marrant, c’est que j’ai reçu le fax du salopard (où il me disait de prévoir un jour à Madrid) AVANT le fax de Prosegur m’informant de la nécessité d’une présence sur place!!
    (il fatigue, le garçon, avec tous ces gogos qui correspondent avec lui?) J’attends encore un peu, je vais les laisser mariner, puis direct le tribunal: je me demande si on ne peut pas leur tendre un piège pour les prendre en flagrant délit, avec l’aide incognito de la justice et ou de la police….? Par ailleurs, je ne sais pas si le quotidien local passerait un avertissement…. Je vais quand même les joindre.
    Suite du feuilleton bientôt…et en attendant, ne vous faites pas avoir!

  295. Luca says:

    A flonflon du bal et tous autres internautes français susceptibles d’avoir été la cible de la même arnaque :
    Le terme “direct le Tribunal” démontre une totale méconnaissance des réalités judiciaires.
    D’une part il bien diffcile de faire convoquer devant un tribunal quelqu’un dont on ne connait ni le vrai nom ni la véritable adresse.
    Le système de l’escroquerie repose sur quelques personnes qui utilisent une fausse adresse à Madrid, le numéro de téléphone d’un hôtel à Salamanque et quelques autres adresses plus fausses les unes que les autres.
    Les personnes qui ne répondent pas aux premières sollicitations et ne reçoient aucune demande de verser de l’argent ne sont victimes de rien et ne peuvent donc pas être plaignants.
    D’autre part, la lecture des mails de personnes qui sont leurs cibles démontre qu’ils ne cherchent pas à pièger de résident en Espagne.
    Ils seront donc tranquilles tant qu’une victime, c’est à dire à minima quelqu’un a qui de l’argent ou une promesse de remise d’argent a été demandée, ne fera pas parvenir, par les voies appropriées une dénonciation permettant aux autorités espagnoes d’enquêter.
    à Paris, un service de police spécialisé en déliquance astucieuse est saisi.
    Il serait bien que les internautes français qui ont porté plainte auprès un autre service le fassent savoir au service qu’ils ont saisi ou bien se fassent connaître et que ceux qui n’ont reçu une demande d’envoyer de l’argent ou d’en apporter en Espagne et qui n’ont pas encore porté plainte se fassent connaître, par exemple à l’adresse suivante que j’écri sous une forme inutilisable par les collecteurs d’adresse :
    LUCAsoixante-huit en chiffre at i grec mail point com

  296. rglange says:

    We nearly fell for this scam ,we showed our solicitorand she had seen other letters recieved. thank goodness we never went over.

  297. Lenaerts says:

    j’habite en Belgique et j’ai moi aussi reçu cette fameuse lettre me certifiant être l’heureuse bénéficiaire de 22 millions de dollars
    il est bien évident que c’est une arnaque et je vais déposer plainte afin que des personnes trop crédules ne tombent pas dans le piège
    si quelqu’un a déjà fait cette démarche, ce serait sympa de m’en informer

  298. pammie says:

    David Wilson as he is now known has just tried to scam my mum and we cottoned on quickly.Come on police catch this tosser before he takes more peoples money cant be that hard surely.So to all out there be careful lets face it 22million dollars a bit much money to shell out to someone just sharing the deceased name think about it …..and to you Mr Wilson you will get caught and have your sorry ass flung in jail to rot

  299. REVENGE says:

    Hi, I wondered if anyone of you have been swindled and has traveled to Spain to meet with the scammers, you can say that hotel accommodation and places that were mentioned that David Thomson or Wilson.
    This would be a great help for the arrest of these people. Thank you.

  300. stella say says:

    louise from victoria australia.
    i too have being taken for a lot of money.
    need to get in touch with you.
    please ring me on 0268624371.
    need to get this bastard.

  301. stella say says:

    louise from victoria this is my email please get in contact or any one one out there that can help.

  302. Alan says:

    Hi ,
    I also received the same letter , word for word as the ones noted in some of your emails , I thought it was a scam from the start , but followed through with the emails and letters that ” David ” was asking for , I received another letter from the ” prosegur de seguridad ” stating that the funds were approved for release pending payment of some fees and my signing for the money in person , which obviously required a trip to spain to do this , I requested that David forward all details to my solicitor at this time so the documents could be reviewed for authenticity , he became very indifferent and told me to take it or leave it , and there was nothing my solicitor could do from Australia , while this was going on I had been in contact with the spanish embassy in Canberra and forwarded all copies of the letters and emails to them for comment , their advice was that this was a scam and a number of criminals had been conducting this sort of activity out of spain , the spanish authorities were trying to stop these activities

    This guy wanted $15000.00 AUD in cash , personally delivered by me when I was to go and sign documents in Spain , Bank Transfer , Visa , or other legitimate forms of payment were unacceptable

    I then forwarded all details and letters , phone numbers and emails to the Chief of Police in Madrid , Spain , in the hope that that at least one of these scammers would be caught and put out of business

    The promise of a half share in $22 mil sounds nice , but I wonder how many people actually lost thousands of their own money and made the trip to spain , or if they did go are they still alive today to tell the story , have some of them dissapeared ???

    I would like to hear from anyone who has actually followed through with the trip to spain to collect the fake inheritance , and what they experienced

    I never heard either way if the Police did anything with the information I sent them , or if in fact this guy was ever caught , when was the last activity from ” david L thomson ” that anyone experienced ??

    Thanks for reading

    Alan Stevenson – Australia

  303. Claudette Meuniot says:

    Geee…..does he not know that “every dog has his day”….and all in the name of God telling him this and that….that’s the part that got me/not the dollars and cents (so much)….I mean yeah, set me and my family free for life. But really….zero conscientiousness about the LAW OF KARMA!!! WOW….I actually took the time to try and warn him of such posssibilities if this were and scam and yes he’s good (or the ring of them)at what they do because I still wasn’t all the way convinced this was a scam until my daughter ran across this website while doing a research project. If anyone succeeds at catching these evil mongers please contact all the e-mails. I really want to payback my elderly mother, who trusted my discernment in this, to be able to get back the “gigantic gamble” she invested in. This is the part that bothers me the most. It’s so vicious that people prey on innocent people…..I also learned not to pride myself into thinking I have such great discernment……surprise surprise!!!Look how many of us got duped. Let’s all collectively pray that this ring be caught so nobody else gets sucked in.

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