Tomás Delgado Bartolomé killed 17-year-old Eniatz Iriondo Trinidad, when his car collided into the boy’s bicycle on a road in La Rioja four years ago. Last week, the boy’s parents received a legal demand for 20,000 euros to cover the damage caused to his vehicle by the accident, and the subsequent costs of the hire of another vehicle. After the accident, police said Delgado had been drinking but was not over the limit. But he was driving at 173.9km/hour on a road which has a 90km/hour limit. The force of the impact sent the boy’s body 18 metres into the air. A court decided the death was an accident and the case was closed. However, given Delgado’s total lack of sensitivity, La Rioja’s Chief Prosecutor, Juan Calparsoro, has said that he is taking a new look at the case: He said he was looking for the smallest legal requirement to reopen the case, if there is reason for it, and that he is taking a personal interest in what happens. It could backfire in Delgado’s face. At the time he claimed the boy crossed his path but his parents kept the bike and a recent inspection indicates that Delgado ran into him from the back. He could end up charged with involuntary manslaughter.

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