This image of a man believed to have kidnapped Madeleine McCann has been released in Britain. The picture is based on descriptions from a woman who claimed to have seen the man near the McCann’s apartment the night she disappeared.

In the two other cases that are grabbing the headlines here in Spain, the Irish police, Garda, have informed the Spanish news agency EFE that they are investigating the possibility that Amy Fitzpatrick, 15, who vanished from Mijas Costa on the night of New Year’s Day, could now be in Ireland. A Garda spokesman said that they had received calls from witnesses which claim to have seen Amy in Wexford, in SE Ireland and close to ferry ports. The spokesman said the sightings had not been confirmed. The government’s delegate in Andalucía, Juan José López Garzón, has said all lines of enquiry were being kept open.. Amy has black hair, is 1.65m tall, and was wearing black track suit bottoms and a T-shirt with the word “Diesel” when she vanished. The contact telephone numbers for any information on her whereabouts are 112, 952 487 036, 062, 686 044 181 and 952 474 030.

Meanwhile, the search continues in Huelva for Mari Luz Cortés, aged 5, who disappeared a week ago last Sunday. Police there suspect that the girl was unlucky enough to cross the path of a pederast who had not been planning an attack. They are trying to track down and question all known pederasts in the area. According to police sources, some 200 children are currently missing in mainland Spain and the Canary Islands.


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