Two cartoonists waded into the political fight last week to attack the politicians they most love to hate. In “La Ezpaña de ZP (Zapatero)”, Cesar Vidal turns his acid tongue on the Prime Minister’s Alliance of Civilisations – between the West and the Arab countries – and the high speed train AVE and the havoc its construction is causing in Barcelona. Vidak makes no bones about the fact that he thinks the last four years of Socialist government have been a disaster. Meanwhile, in “La Esppaña de Rajoy”, Enric Sopena turns all his guns on opposition leader Mariano Rajoy. He dresses up Rajoy in the armour of El Cid to highlight his mission to save Spain from Basque and Catalan nationalists and says Rajoy’s worst nightmare is when he goes to heaven, after ruling Spain for 40 years, to find out that Zapatero is God. The comics are only for the most ardent followers of the Spanish political scene in which the innuendoes and insinuations tend to go over most people’s heads. can only be understood


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