A local police officer from Alhaurín el Grande was wounded in the knee when one of his colleagues tried to shoot out the tyres of a known delinquent who was trying to evade them in a stolen car. The incident began about 3 am Thursday when the two officers spotted a car in Avenida Gerald Brenan which was acting suspiciously. When the driver saw the police car he drove straight at it, bumping into it least five times during the ensuing chase through the town. The delinquent then almost knocked down two other policemen who tried to stop him. One of the original two policemen then fired at the tyres but the shot ricocheted, hitting his colleague who was immediately taken to hospital, where his condition was said not to be serious. The delinquent got away that time but some three hours later he was spotted in the Carretera de Cartama getting out of a supermarket through a hole in the wall, carrying two legs of ham. He tried to escape in another stolen car but this time the police were out in force, and were being helped by the Guardia Civil. He headed for Malaga city but crashed the car near Los Asperones and was finally detained. It was his second arrest in two days. Police had apprehended him two nights earlier trying to break and enter a house in Alhaurin el Grande. He had been set free with charges just 12 hours before the second incident.

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