If the Sun newspaper only has a circulation of 100,000+ papers in Spain and the Islands, by charging 1 Euro extra compared to the UK prices, then the Sun is “ripping us off” to the tune of over 31 million Euros per year. If you add in Portugal, Greece etc to the equasion, how many millions of Euros per week is the Sun “ripping off” its foreign readers.

In one of the recent Sun newspapers “Printed in Spain Today”, the free Christmas TV guide heavily promoted on its front page advertisement was “sorry, not available to our readers overseas”. If the paper was “printed in Spain today” as quoted, then overseas would mean outside of Spain. Is the Sun newspaper therefore guilty of failing to provide its readers with an item that they have advertised as “free to all our readers” and therefore guilty of false advertising?.

I forwarded my original letter to the Office of Fair Trading in the U.K. who emailed a reply to me basically saying not our problem.

Does any of your readers know of which European oR Spanish governing body, EG trading standards ect, that would take up both my complaint?
Robert Burgs (email address supplied)


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