I am writing this letter to you to bring to your attention the incident I have just witnessed.

Around 1.30pm I was sat on my computer when I heard a dogs squealing which was prolonged. I then went outside my house and looked across the road when I saw something so shocking I still cant believe it.

There were two council persons beating a dog to death and while they were doing this a small brown dog ran past them and they chased it and beat that one to death. They used one of those poles that are normally used for looping around the animal’s neck. Instead of doing that they beat them to death with them. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ran in the house screaming.

The incident happened on an estate in front of a row of houses. There are a family of English people who live on that street and they called the police. I’m just so devastated and disgusted that this happened I will never forget it.

Yours sincerely, Lyn foster (email address supplied)



  1. fran mana says:

    if this is true id like to find out if these people were prosecuted.,spain has strict laws on this kind of behaviour. unfortunatly no law is taken serious here anymore, thnk god the eec intervene in a lot of things

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