French President Nicolas Sorkozy and Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero reached an anti-terrorist agreement during the latter’s visit to Paris last week. While both countries are aware of the possibility of Islamic fundamentalist attacks, the main enemy is the Basque terrorist group ETA, which uses the southern region of France as a bolt hole when things get too hot in Spain. As a result of the killing of two unarmed, undercover Guardia Civil in France on December 1st, the French government has agreed to allow Spanish police and intelligence agents to carry weapons in France “as if they were in Spain”. In return, Sr Zapatero agreed to adopt the so-called Sarkozy doctrine against illegal immigration, which includes quotas, joint expulsions and a tougher stand on those who arrive illegally by land or sea. Mr Sarkozy told Sr Zapatero: “People without papers have to go.” Mr Sarkozy was one of the most vocal critics of the Spanish government’s legalisation of illegal immigrants in 2005.


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